Another school is crime victim

77th Precinct

Prospect Heights

School daze

A burglar stole more than $21,000 in electronic teaching tools from PS 571 on Underhill Avenue.

Employees at the school between Bergen Street and St. Marks Avenue said the “Calculator Tutor,” “Fast Math” and “Kidspiration” computer programs, and the equipment that goes with them, were last seen in a classroom used for summer session on July 29. Workers said they didn’t realize the items were missing until recently.

Motorcycle mayhem

A wayward driver slammed into a motorcyclist at the corner of Dean Street and Classon Avenue on Aug. 9 — breaking the man’s leg in the process — but didn’t stick around long enough to swap information.

The 40-year-old chopper pilot was nearing the corner at 9:30 pm when a 1998 Toyota Avalon clipped his two-wheeler, causing him to fall on his side.

A woman exited the Toyota and asked if he was all right, but then jumped back in the vehicle and sped off before identifying herself.

Spirited away

A thief intercepted a tequila delivery on Washington Avenue on Aug. 10, swiping three cases of the hard stuff.

A worker for Pacific Wines & Spirits said that he left the booze in his car between Dean and Bergen streets at 1:30 pm and he returned 15 minutes later to find that someone had forced open his back door and taken the booze.

Double trouble

A sticky-fingered thief slithered into a St. Johns Place restaurant on Aug. 6, when he looted two purses belonging to unsuspecting diners.

His victims were so engrossed in their meals at Franklin Park between Franklin and Classon avenues at 11:20 pm they never noticed the thief as he snaked his hand in one purse, plucking out an iPhone. The grifter then swiped the second woman’s purse, which contained $100, a sweater, her glasses and a passport, police said.

Cabbie raid

A thief broke into a yellow taxi cab parked on Flatbush Avenue on Aug. 4, taking $64 and the cabbie’s Pakistani passport.

The cabbie parked his 2008 cab between Sixth and St. Marks avenues at 2 am, but accidentally left it unlocked, he told authorities.

When he returned to the vehicle a few hours later, he realized that someone had rummaged through the vehicle.

Wallet hamburgled

A fiendish fry-guy made off with an employee’s wallet during a visit to an Atlantic Avenue McDonald’s on Aug. 5.

The 22-year-old said that she had left her wallet in an employee work area in the back of the eatery at Vanderbilt Avenue just before 4:30 pm. She went to retrieve her wallet a short time later, but someone had already helped themselves to it.

— Thomas Tracy

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