Another senseless cyclist death in Williamsburg

Another cyclist was killed by a motor vehicle in Williamsburg this weekend — the third fatality in the past two months and the 10th in the city so far this year.

Nicholas Djandji, 24, was riding eastbound with a friend on Borinquen Place and was about to turn left onto Rodney Street at 8:25 pm, when a black Toyota traveling in the other direction struck him in the intersection.

A witness told the New York Post that the car dragged him through the street and there was “blood everywhere.”

Djandji was found unconscious at the scene and he was dead on arrival at Woodhull Hospital.

Police determined that the cyclist ran a red light at Rodney Street. The driver stayed on the scene after the accident and he was not charged.

The gruesome cycling fatality is the second in the past week and the third in the past two months.

Last Tuesday, a car ran over Williamsburg resident Erica Abbott on Bushwick Avenue after she tumbled into the middle of the road after running over a piece of wood.

Her family told the Daily News that her death was “senseless” and construction debris should have been removed from the bike lane on Bushwick Avenue.

In early August, a cyclist was struck and killed by a truck on Gardner Avenue while he was trying to turn onto Metropolitan Avenue.

Police say the cyclists, not the drivers, were at fault in both of those accidents.