Antics on Atlantic: Massive street fair hits 40

Antics on Atlantic: Massive street fair hits 40
Wares you can wear: Glenda Hargrove of East New York with her mobile clothing and jewelry store YaBI Delights.
Photo by Elizabeth Graham

They rocked down to Atlantic Avenue.

The massive Atlantic Antic street fair, which lately has been stretching from the Barclays Center to the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway, celebrated its 40th anniversary on Sunday. One street performer said the music was so good last time, he just had to bring his instrument to this year’s festival.

“As a rule I like the music at Atlantic Antic,” said Craig Silver, who came from Prospect Heights with his wife. “It sort of inspired me to bring me guitar.”

Silver was not booked to perform on any of the 12 stages at the Antic — he just posted up in the street and played some classics on his acoustic guitar. And he jived with the audience despite his nonexistent billing, he said.

“That was a nice crowd to play for,” he said.

Organized by the Atlantic Avenue Local Development Corporation, the Antic included 12 separate stages, with performances throughout the day, and hundreds of vendors.

Cheers: Jeannette Maldonado and Chaquetta Grace cool down with fruity beverages.
Photo by Elizabeth Graham

Glenda Hargrove from East New York schlepped clothing and jewelry out to sell. It was her ninth time as a merchant at the Antic, and though she works a lot of borough street fairs, this is the one she likes best, she said.

“It’s the one I look forward to,” she said.

The atmosphere is one of camaraderie, even though the stalls are all right on top of another, she added.

“The businesses all work together. Everyone helps each other out,” Hargrove said.

The warm air and blue skies left little to complain about, she said.

“It went very well this year,” she said. “The weather was nice and a lot of people came out.”

Paint life grand?: Crown Heights resident Kaitlin Jacquet sports face paint.
Photo by Elizabeth Graham

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