Apocalypse wow

Designed to traffic the world’s goods across vast oceans, shipping containers have picked up a second life among fans of urban renewal, who find their durability, affordability, and post-apocalyptic aesthetics attractive for creative projects. Here are three such projects in Brooklyn.

1) DeKalb Market, Downtown: Since it decamped on the scene in summer 2011, the shipping container village has showcased the potential of the constructions. Merchants hawk homespun clothes, good food, and cold beer out of the containers on a gravely lot downtown and also host the occasional party; if this is what the apocalypse is like, it doesn’t look half bad.

2) Heritage Radio Network, Bushwick: The food revolution is being broadcast and live streamed by a Slow Food affiliate from two shipping containers in the backyard of industrial-chic pizza spot, Roberta’s. Heirloom mustard greens are that important.

3) New York Center for Sustainable Energy installation, Brooklyn Bridge Park: Three futuristic shipping containers currently hold court in Brooklyn Bridge Park with the historic bridge looming in the background. The containers, donated by the Beautiful Earth Group and designed by Gensler house an educational facility related to energy, as well as a charging station for electric vehicles, such as the small maintenance vehicles used in the park.

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