Armed punks raid Avenue X home

61st Precinct

Sheepshead Bay—Homecrest—Manhattan Beach—Midwood—Gravesend

Home invasion

Three heavily-armed thugs raided an Avenue X home on Nov. 12 — where they hog-tied a young couple and robbed them of their property.

The thieves knocked on the victims’ door near Coney Island Avenue at 10:15 pm. When the male victim opened it, the suspects forced their way inside, flashing three firearms and a Tazer.

The suspects ordered the couple to the ground and bound their hands with electrical tape as they tossed the place, taking a wallet, credit cards, and an iPhone.

Jewelry jack

Police arrested a 21-year-old who they say tried to hold up a Kings Highway jewelry store on Nov. 13 — but ended up in handcuffs when store workers bum-rushed him and held him for authorities.

The thief entered the Pavilion Jewelers near E. 17th Street at 5:25 pm and tried to run off with a handful of baubles.

But the employees grabbed the thief, holding him at the location until police could arrive and place him in custody.

Insurance adjusters

Two thugs tried to mug a 25-year-old motorist who they claim struck one of the suspect’s cars outside of the Bally’s Fitness Club on Sheepshead Bay Road.

The victim was waiting for a parking spot near Voorhies Avenue at 9:10 pm when the suspects approached, claiming that the victim had struck their vehicle and demanded he pay for the damages.

The motorist checked out the damage he allegedly caused and said that his insurance company would handle it.

Infuriated, the suspects beat and punched the victim as they attempted to steal his cellphone, but the victim ran off before anything was taken.

Toyota raid

A thief broke into an unlocked Toyota Rav 4 left on Avenue U on Nov. 11, taking a wallet and several credit cards.

The vehicle was sitting near E. 29th Street at 10:30 pm when the suspect raided the cabin.

Suds attack

A 23-year-old goon chucked a beer can at a former girlfriend during a heated Nov. 11 exchange on Avenue U — leaving his ex with a smattering of injuries.

The victim was in her home near E. 12th Street at 11 pm when the suspect began banging on her door, demanding entry. When the woman came to the door, he lobbed the beer can at her, leaving her with a deep gash.

$69.99 grab

Cops arrested a 43-year-old woman who they say tried to walk out of the Loehmann’s on Emmons Avenue with $69 in merchandise on Nov. 12.

Workers at the store near E. 21st Street said that they stopped the woman at 6:50 pm, just as she was about to walk out without paying.

Ocean Parkway raid

A thief broke into an Ocean Parkway apartment on Nov. 11, taking more than $7,000 in jewelry.

The victim told police that she left her home near Avenue X at 2:30 pm for a brief holiday. When she returned the next day, she realized her bedroom had been ransacked.

Attacked on McDonald

A goon bashed a 31-year-old man over the head with a heavy metal object during a heated Nov. 13 argument on McDonald Avenue.

Witnesses say the two men were arguing near Billings Place at 2:15 pm over property that one had stolen from the other when the suspect struck the victim in the head with his weapon, leaving a bloody gash.

Pistol pinch

A 26-year-old motorist was arrested on Nov. 13 when police pulled him over for blowing a stop sign on E. 14th Street — and found an air pistol in his car.

Police say the suspect was speeding between Avenues Y and Z at 1:30 am when cops stopped him, finding the gun in his possession.

Music rob

A thief broke into a 2003 Ford Explorer parked on Avenue T on Nov. 12, taking an $800 radio.

The victim parked his vehicle between E. Ninth Street and Coney Island Avenue at 11:30 pm. When he returned to it at 10:10 the next morning, his door had been forced open and his radio was missing.

Dragged and robbed

A goon forced a 17-year-old girl to the ground and robbed her of her pocketbook during a Nov. 10 interaction on E. 14th Street.

The victim was nearing Kings Highway at 2 pm when the suspect jumped her and ran off with her bag, which contained $350.

— Thomas Tracy

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