Armed teens hold up woman

94th Precinct


Armed robbery

Three gun-toting teens held up a woman on Frost Street on Nov. 10, and stole her purse.

The woman said she was between Manhattan and Graham avenues at 4:55 pm when the one of the young thugs tried to pull the bag off her arm.

When she wouldn’t let go of the bag, one of them showed her a handgun and then grabbed the pocketbook, which contained the woman’s iPhone, cash, wallet, and keys.

Attacked for phone

Police arrested a woman who they say grabbed another woman’s hair and stole her phone on Lorimer Street on Nov. 1.

The victim said she was talking on her phone near Driggs Avenue at 3:20 am when the pushy lady grabbed her by the hair, snatched her iPhone, and demanded cash.

The 26-year-old woman ran off down Driggs Avenue before she was arrested by police and charged with robbery.

Wallet wrangle

Two violent villains slugged and robbed a man on Manhattan Avenue on Nov. 10.

The man told police he was near Green Street at 5:20 am when the two suddenly shoved him to the ground.

One of the ruffians then started punching him while the other one stole his wallet, which had $120 in it, before fleeing.

Scoot off

A group of teenagers stole a boy’s scooter on Lorimer Street on Nov. 10, leaving him without wheels.

The boy told police he was riding his scooter near Frost streets at 5:20 am when five teenagers threatened to kill him, and then pushed him off his scooter and scooted off with it.

Sleazy character

Police arrested a man who they say sexually assaulted a woman on Banker Street on Nov. 11.

The woman said she was near Meserole Avenue at 3:30 am when a man she did not know approached her from behind and started sweet talking and hugging her.

When she told the man to leave her alone, he kept hugging her and then said, “I have a gun,” and put his hand down the back of her pants, police reported.

— Danielle Furfaro