Arms and the woman! It’s lady wrestling time again

Arms and the woman! It’s lady wrestling time again
Photo by Jamie Siegel

These ladies are armed and dangerous.

Brooklyn’s bulkiest biceps will bravely brawl in Williamsburg on Sunday night for the city’s first-ever New York Ladies Arm Wrestling event.

Eight national champs will face-off at Union Pool for the title — using only their well-toned arms, their muscular wits, and cash to bribe a panel of judges.

Lady wrestlers must keep their elbows on the table and their behinds in their seats at all times — there’s even a special referee to check posterior positioning.

“We have a butt ref whose only job it is to watch the butt,” said emcee Kate “Lady Libertine” McNeely. “We’re looking for a butt ref.”

Adding to the drama, the audience is allowed to place bets on each match — and influence the judges and referees with donations, all of which will benefit Brooklyn-based Safe Horizons, a nonprofit.

The crowd will no doubt rally behind Brooklyn’s own Jackie O’Nasty, an eight-year arm wrestling veteran and public school teacher, who has vowed to bring the title back to the borough’s fair soil.

But she will have to subdue stiff-armed challenges from Momatron, an actress and playwright, and Coyote Ugly, a professional model (and we don’t mean arm model).

McNeely wouldn’t disclose the odds, but boldly pronounced the event the “future of philanthropy.”

“Rather than sitting around and having a Tupperware party, we’re arm wrestling, kicking ass, partying, and wearing costumes,” said McNeely.

New York Ladies Arm Wrestling at Union Pool [484 Union Ave. at Meeker Avenue, Williamsburg (718) 609-0484], May 22, 8-10 pm. For info, www.newyorkladiesarmwrestling.org.

Momatron brings her own spirit to the game. The circuitboard is legal, by the way.
Photo by Jamie Siegel