Auxiliary cops on wrong side of the law

A teen auxiliary cop was nabbed for wrongly accusing a Brownsville bodega worker of hawking hootch to a minor during a phony bust in April, said authorities.

Anthony Harriott, 18, was charged with two felony counts and an additional count of official misconduct on Oct. 16, according to court documents.

Ismael Duran was arrested for selling Smirnoff Ice to the volunteer cop at the Giselle Mini Mart on East New York Avenue between Pacific and Sackman streets, although store cameras show him refusing to sell the alcoholic beverage after looking at Harriott’s ID.

Harriott then left the store and asked Stanfield Collymore, who was standing outside, to make the purchase for him, said the district attorney’s office. Cops busted Duran who plead guilty to the crime to avoid jail time, said authorities.

“They set a trap for me,” the Dominican immigrant and father of three told the New York Daily News. “I have nothing against the police, but there are some that make mistakes.”

Two other cops are also being investigated in the fake collar, authorities told the paper.

A spokesman for the Bodega Association of the United States said the case bore the hallmarks of entrapment.

“It’s clear they set Mr. Duran up,” Fernando Mateo reportedly told the New York Daily News. “These guys are out of control.”

Duran is planning to sue the city, said his lawyer.

“The police did lousy police work,” Kevin Faga told the News. “How could they not know they were being taped?”

Harriott was reportedly released on his own recognizance.

Snickers sneaker shucked

It’s one way to curb a sweet tooth.

An alleged Snickers pilferer was unwrapped down to his briefs and delivered a wedgie as just desserts by livid 7-Eleven workers, who accused him of shoplifting the candy from the convenience store near Barclays Center — and the indignity was caught on a video that went viral.

David Golson, 29, a Bronx resident with a lengthy rap sheet, was corralled by two uniformed clerks and a plainclothes worker after allegedly trying to flee the store at 395 Flatbush Ave. Extension on Oct. 17 without paying for the chocolate bar, said authorities.

The sensational video, posted on the blog WorldStarHipHop, shows the suspect writhing and shrieking while attempting to loosen himself free. He also claims being bitten by one of the workers, according to the New York Post.

“I got nothing man! Why you biting me?” Golson reportedly yelled at the clerks as they tore off his shirt and T-shirt, and pulled down his pants.

One worker then reportedly hauled Golson up by his underwear and trussed him up with a torn shirt, while the others grabbed other parts of the suspect’s upper torso to stop him from breaking loose.

The astonishing incident was recorded by chorting shoppers.

“This is ridiculous — for some Snickers!” yelled one, according to the Post. “This guy has no clothes on — will somebody call the police?”

The franchise was “horrified” over the video and didn’t “condone restraining any customer,” a spokeswoman told the paper, stating that Golson may have stolen from the store before.

One employee was fired, and the others must retake a training course, she added.

Golson, who reportedly had an outstanding warrant for an earlier arrest, was charged with robbery, assault, criminal mischief and criminal possession of stolen property.

“That’s why he was hemmed up,” a source told the Post. “They grabbed him and prevented him from leaving the store. That’s why he ended up with his clothes off. They kept getting torn off as they tried to hold him.”

The workers weren’t charged with a crime because Golson allegedly assaulted them and crashed shelves when they first approached him — incidents which wasn’t recorded in the video, said sources.

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