Aviators drown Whalers, 4-2

The Aviators schooled the Danbury Whalers with a cool, 4-2 win at the Aviator Sports and Events Center on Friday night as Brooklyn’s contenders from Connecticut floundered under a sea of penalties — allowing the A’s to capitalize on 18 minutes of powerplay action.

Coming off an embarrassing 1-3 weekend that ended with back-to-back losses against the hated New Jersey Outlaws, the Aviators were born again as they cut up the ice, netting an early 1-0 lead halfway through the first period.

The game was already tied 1-1 in the second when Aviator netminder Jo St. Pierre gave up an early goal, giving the Whalers the lead.

But Brooklyn’s boys of winter found their groove after Whaler right-winger Kelly Miller was boxed for tripping — giving Brooklyn a two-minute advantage at the 5:11 mark: a penalty that Brooklyn right-winger Chris Ferazzoli was quick to exploit as he buried a goal in the back of Danbury’s net.

Aviator Andrew Owsiak followed that point with one of his own, cementing Brooklyn’s lead.

The third period saw penalty-after-penalty levied against the frustrated Whalers — and once again Ferazzoli was there to catch them with their sticks down — scoring yet another powerplay point to secure Brooklyn’s victory.

The Aviators have won two of the four games they’ve played against the wicked Whalers this season — faring a bit better than last year’s playoffs, when they bested Danbury at the end of a nerve-wracking five-game series.

The Brooklyn Aviators will stick around to take on the 1,000 Island Privateers at Aviator Sports [3159 Flatbush Ave. in Floyd Bennett Field in Marine Park, (718) 758-7580] Dec. 3 at 7:35 pm. Tickets $12 ($10 for seniors and children under 14) For information, visit www.brooklynaviators.com

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