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Bad reality TV

From the comfort of his home, the owner of Moe’s Deli saw a thief break into his Grand Street store early on Dec. 9, but by the time he got downstairs, the perp had passed.

The deli owner has his security camera rigged so that he can watch it from his upstairs apartment in the building near Graham Avenue. At around 1:30 am, he watched a thief break through the window of the store and take a safe with $3,000 plus $200 worth of Newports.

By the time he got downstairs, the thief was gone.


A pair of perps snagged a man’s phone while he was waiting for the bus on the corner of Lorimer Street and Boerum Street on Dec. 10.

The victim was at the bus stop at 7:30 am when two thugs started walking his way.

“Give me your cellphone or we’ll jump you,” one thug commanded, prompting the man to hand over his Blackberry Pearl.

The terrible twosome fled down Lorimer Street.

Keyed out

A thief cleaned out a S. Fifth Street apartment while the owner was eating out on Dec. 12.

The victim was shopping and dining from 3 until 8:15 pm, during which time his neighbors heard a crashing sound coming from his apartment. When the resident returned, he discovered that someone had taken three computers and an expensive television from the apartment, which is at Keap Street.

The victim told police that his roommate lost his keys in the building the previous week.

Dirty laundry

A break in artist got into the Metro Laundry Mat on Metropolitan Avenue near Lorimer Street, and took the owner’s valuable property overnight on Dec. 8.

The laundromat owner locked up at 9 pm, but when he returned 6:30 the next morning, he found that his window bars had been cut and a thief had taken a laptop, $600 and two passports.

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