Bad sport swipes woman’s purse as she’s playing soccer

84th Precinct

Brooklyn Heights–DUMBO–Boerum Hill–Downtown

Missed goal

A weasel lifted a lady’s iPhone and wallet from her purse as she was playing soccer on Furman Street on April 9.

A report said the woman put down her bag on the edge of the field near Joralemon Street at 12:30 pm and went to go kick some goals, but when she returned three hours later, her iPhone and wallet were missing and someone had been using her credit card.

Cash grab

Some sneak stole a woman’s wallet on Fulton Street on April 5.

The victim told police she was near Bridge Street at 3:30 pm when she noticed the guy behind her was holding her wallet, which contained $120. According to officials, she wasn’t bumped or pushed and was unsure of how the thief got a hold of her wallet.

Before she could confront him about the theft, he ran off on Fulton Street, cops said.

Opened up

A nogoodnik stole a woman’s money and credit cards from her purse while she was on Fulton Street on April 6.

Authorities said the woman was near Livingston Street at 5:45 pm when the lout opened her purse, removed her money and cards, and fled.

— Lauren Gill

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