Bad times at big mall

It’s almost the holiday shopping season, but thieves and weirdos were already working Bruce Ratner’s Atlantic Terminal and Atlantic Center malls on Nov. 10.

On that single day, there were three incidents. Here’s a roundup:

• A police officer engaged a sword-carrying shopper in armed combat inside an Atlantic Terminal store before arresting him.

The officer, working on a paid detail unit, escorted a 19-year-old customer from the store at 6:20 pm but the loud teen popped up again — this time armed and dangerous.

He brandished what was described as a “wooden sword” and positioned himself in a martial arts stance that the cop felt was threatening. The policeman struck the gladiator in the legs several times with a baton, and with the help of an off-duty cop, was able to subdue the resistant teenager.

• A tiny troublemaker swiped a woman’s wallet while she shopped in an Atlantic Terminal store on Nov. 10.

The 62-year-old customer said she saw a boy about 8-years-old reach into her pocketbook and take her wallet. She chased him through the store, but the fleet-footed lad zipped away at 1:25 pm.

• A thief brazenly made repeated raids on a clothier inside Atlantic Center Mall.

Security video shows a clotheshorse repeatedly exited the store with dozens of jeans, sweatshirts, Henley shirts and coats.