Baddie pushes bodega worker and steals cash

61st Precinct

Sheepshead Bay—Homecrest—
Manhattan Beach—Gravesend


A burglar robbed a Kings Highway bodega on Feb. 5.

The victim was cleaning his grocery store near E. 18th Street just before 4 am and believed he had the door locked when the baddie walked in, pushed the victim, and shouted, “money!” before fleeing with the cash, according to police.

Four robbers

Four goons robbed two teens on Avenue R on Feb. 4.

The victims were near E. 22nd Street at 7:30 pm on their way home from school when they noticed that the four punks were following them, according to police.

The villains then surrounded the two kids and robbed them of their phones, cash, headphones, and student identification, while one of them told the victims, “Give me your phone, nobody needs to get hurt,” cops said.

Gunpoint gangster

A man robbed another man at gunpoint on Brigham Street on Feb. 9.

The victim told cops that he was near at Avenue V at 7:45 pm when the lout threatened him with a gun, saying, “I will shoot you,” and took his cash and headphones.

The lout then fled through a housing complex court towards Bragg Street, cops said.


A robber looted a woman’s Amherst Street home on Feb. 4.

The victim told police she left her home near Hampton Avenue at 6:08 pm to walk her dog, and when she returned at 6:40 pm, the house was ransacked and her designer bags, jewelry, and perfume were gone, according to cops.

Clumsy crooks

Two robbers burgled a woman’s E. 28th Street apartment on Feb. 7.

The victim said she was in her home near Voorhies Avenue at 8 am when she heard a loud noise downstairs and went to check the first floor of the apartment, where she saw two men and damage to the front door, police said.

The louts then made a run for it with a bounty including cash, a smartwatch, an iPad, and jewelry, according to cops.

Caught in the act

A nogoodnik trespassed into a man’s apartment on Ocean Parkway on Feb. 7.

The victim’s son told cops that he was trying to get into the locked apartment near Kings Highway at 7:30 am when he saw the bandit coming out of the residence and flee.

Nothing was taken, but the drawers and cabinets were opened and in disarray, according to police.

— Kevin Duggan