Bam’s herd of voters

President Obama’s first term was a bomb.

His wallet-draining domestic policies favored welfare programs and unfair wealth distribution — initiatives he squandered taxpayer dollars on at a worse rate than if he was a gambling addict set loose on a Baccarat table. His international agenda was a bust, too.

It delivered low blows to our national reputation, endangered our lives, and emboldened our enemies. They were so cheesed off by his saccharine platitudes that they burned him in effigy in the streets and chanted “Death to the U.S.”

Bam backtracked on his own pledges to form a transparent government with an incriminating set of cover-ups.

Those included pouring more than $500 million into a solar panel company that went bankrupt and stuck taxpayers with the bill, and ordering gun sellers to hawk weapons illegally to criminals in Mexico — a failed program that caused the death of a U.S. border guard.

Then came the Sept.11 Benghazi terror attacks — mere weeks before Election Day.

Libyan Ambassador Christopher Stevens and American diplomats Sean Smith, Glen Doherty, and Tyrone Woods were killed by jihadists in a wave of deliberate violence that was denied and downplayed by the president, even when it surfaced that he — the most tech-savvy national leader of our time — was informed of the unfolding violence in real time.

Instead, he courted the Muslim vote by blaming the deadly assault on an anti-Islamic YouTube video, never expressing appropriate outrage over the murder of Americans by Islamo-thugs on the anniversary of our “worst day.”

Obama’s rush to non-judgement mocked our First Amendment and screamed his inability to defend his nation.

Yet his supporters responded to his ineptitude with cloth ears.

They forgave his abysmal administration because it was politically correct. Also, doing otherwise would have meant actually having to think critically about his failed leadership — a fate apparently worse than a case of everlasting hemorrhoids.

A forgiving media aided and abetted the mass oblivion, which apexed callously on post-Election Day when liberal pundit Chris Matthews cackled on MSNBC, “I‘m so glad we had that storm last week because I think the storm was one of those things. No, politically I should say. Not in terms of hurting people. The storm brought in possibilities for good politics.” Huh?

Obama’s re-election underscores the obvious — the majority of American voters possess a herd mentality, and the intellectual curiosity of boiled turnips.

This columnist conducted a random, after-election poll of 10 Bam voters and asked them, “Why did you vote for Obama?” The answers were the stuff of grave embarrassment. They ranged from an “I dunno,” an “em,” and a “because I like Obama.”

The folk polled were all outwardly intelligent, yet the simple question stumped them all and exposed their disingenuous grasp on the past four years.

Hear the roar? That’s President Obama doing the hula in gratitude to America’s brain fog.

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