Bandit swipes jewelry, fur coat, passports, from home

61st Precinct

Sheepshead Bay—Homecrest—
Manhattan Beach—Gravesend

Big bounty burglar

A malcontent robbed a woman’s home on Shore Boulevard on Feb. 11.

The villain came in to the home near West End Avenue sometime between 7 am and 4:30 pm through the locked fire escape window and stole cash, jewelry, a fur coat, as well as an American and Israeli passport, according to cops.

When the victim came home, the front door of her apartment was unlocked, she told cops.

Bag bagged

A robber ransacked man’s Emmons Avenue home on Feb. 12.

The victim said he returned to his home near Ford Street around 3:30 pm to find his front door broken and noticed that someone had taken his expensive bag.

A neighbor living in the apartment had heard loud banging and went into the hallway to investigate and found the baddie leaving the place, police reported.

Masked bandits

Three masked goons attacked and robbed a woman on Batchelder Street on Feb. 2.

The victim was walking near Avenue W at 6:30 pm when the dirtbags yelled “Ma’am” at her and stuck a hard object in her back, saying, “Give me your money,” according to cops.

One of the louts then snatched her wallet from her pocket and told her not to call the police before they fled the scene, the authorities said.

Bad delivery

A cur violently robbed a delivery man at a Haring Street parking lot on Feb. 14.

The victim was making a delivery near Avenue X at 2:35 am when the jerk pulled him out of his truck and punched him in the face, causing swelling and pain, according to police.

The villain then took the man’s phone and $700 from his jacket pocket and fled towards Batchelder Street, and then turned left towards Avenue W in a blue garbage truck, cops said.

Knifepoint robbery

Five ne’er-do-wells robbed two teens at knifepoint on E. 16th Street on Feb. 14.

The 17-year-olds were walking from Avenue S towards Avenue T just before 7 pm when the group confronted them, with one of the brutes showing off a boxcutter, police reported. The group then took the teens’ phones and wallets, according to cops.

One of the louts told the victims to keep walking towards Avenue T while the robbers escaped towards Avenue S, police said.

— Kevin Duggan