Bandit swipes woman’s purse at bowling alley

72nd Precinct

Sunset Park–Windsor Terrace


Some ne’er-do-well absconded with a woman’s purse as she played the pins at a 37th Street bowling alley on Dec. 9.

The victim told police she was gunning for strikes at the lanes between Fourth and Fifth avenues at 12:15 am, when the thief snatched her bag while her back was turned, nabbing an expensive camera and iPhone X in the process.

No arrests have been made in the case, which remains open, cops said.

Caught dead

Cops busted a man caught trespassing at 25th Street cemetery on Dec. 9.

Security at the sprawling 19th-century necropolis told police they spotted the suspect lurking inside the graveyard at 11:55 pm, well after the boneyard’s 5 pm closing time, and claim he tried to flee when they approached him, at one point busting a wooden door.

Police arrested the suspect that day, charging him with burglary, cops said.

Got milk?

Police cuffed a 23-year-old woman for allegedly attacking a worker with a milk crate inside a 38th Street hotel on Dec. 5.

The victim told police the suspect was upset about a problem with her room at the inn between Third and Fourth avenues at 6 am, when she snatched the plastic crate and used it to strike her in the face.

During the fight, the suspect grabbed the victim’s phone and tried to flee with it, but reporting officers caught her in the hallway of the hotel, where she fought with cops before they could subdue her, according to police, who said the suspect is being charged with robbery.


A would-be thief beat a man amid an attempted robbery on 53rd Street on Dec. 4.

The victim told police the crook jumped him near Seventh Avenue at 12:40 am, sucker-punching in the face and then throwing him to the ground, before rifling through his pockets in an attempt to grab his stuff.

Fortunately, the bandit failed to grab anything of value and fled empty handed, cops said.

— Colin Mixson