Bandit takes more than $2,000 from bank

88th Precinct

Fort Greene–Clinton Hill

Cash grab

A thief held up a Myrtle Avenue bank on May 23 and stole more than $2,000.

Authorities said the nogoodnik passed a note to the teller at the bank by Vanderbilt Avenue at 5:55 pm stating, “Hundreds and 50s, 10 seconds, no one gets hurt. Do not draw attention. Ten seconds, no dye.”

The bandit then told the teller, “You have 10 seconds and no one gets hurt.”

The victim told police he became afraid and handed the jerk $2,280 in $50 and $20 notes. The weasel took them and fled, according to a report.


Cops cuffed two teens who they say brutally bashed a 16-year-old and stole his gadgets and sneakers on Lafayette Street on May 23.

The victim told police the two guys attacked him with a combination lock near Flatbush Avenue at 6:30 pm, stealing his Beats headphones, Jam Plus speaker, Nike sneakers, MetroCard, and iPhone chargers, according to a report.

The victim was so badly bruised from the beating he had to go to the hospital to get staples and stitches, police noted.

Park plunder

Some goon robbed a guy at knifepoint in Fort Greene Park on May 25.

A report said the victim was talking on his phone as he was strolling in the park by DeKalb Avenue at 4:25 pm when the cretin stopped him, pressed a knife to his cheek, and demanded his backpack, phone, and sneakers.

The victim handed over his property and the lout fled, according to authorities.


Police arrested a man who stabbed a guy on Grand Avenue on May 28.

The victim told police the 48-year-old man stabbed him with a knife several times on the right side of the torso and left hand in addition to slashing him across the chest near Putnam Avenue around 12:17 pm. The attack left him with wounds and heavy bleeding, according to a report.

— Lauren Gill

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