Bank robber tries the old ‘Get down!’ trick

Get down!

Ocean’s 11 it was not.

A lone bank robber tried to hold up an HSBC branch on Bedford Avenue on March 29 — but the teller called his bluff.

Instead, the hapless perp pretended he had a gun and shouted, “Get down, stay down!”

He approached one man at 2 pm, who threw him his wallet with $40 and another who gave him his phone, before he fled toward N. Third Street.

Bag man

Three perps stole a man’s laptop bag and phone on April 2, but they were quickly arrested.

The perps approached the man at 4:10 am near N. Ninth Street, and one said, “Give me the phone, give me everything.”

The victim tried to flee, but he tripped near Kent Avenue and dropped his stuff. Police found the perps shortly thereafter.

Whither iPhone

A perp hit a woman’s head and stole her iPhone near Withers Street on April 2.

The woman had left a bar near Graham Avenue at 3:20 am, and the perp was following her.

When the coast was clear, he sneaked up and hit her on the back of the head, taking her stuff.

Hour stuff

A perp stole a laptop and camera from a Frost Street apartment on March 30.

The resident told cops that she left her unit, near Graham Avenue, at around 7 pm, but when she returned just one hour later, the stuff was gone.

Bad wheels

A car was swiped and another looted last week:

• A thief swiped a laptop from a car on N. 11th Street early on April 2. The owner told cops that he’d parked near Wythe Avenue at 12:30 am and returned a few hours later to find the equipment gone.

• A thief stole an old Oldsmobile from Withers Street on April 1. The owner told cops that he’d parked the ancient auto near Union Avenue at 1 pm, but five hours later, it was gone.

— Aaron Short