Bar fight!

Club assault

A tipsy perp smashed a wine bottle over another man’s head at The Charleston on May 16 and the other perp struck back with a skateboard.

The fight began outside the Bedford Avenue bar near N. Seventh Street at 10 pm, when the men got in a heated argument and resorted to the weapons they had on hand. Both men bruised each other’s heads, suffered lacerations, and were promptly arrested.

Choked up

Two thugs choked a man at gunpoint before robbing him on Frost Street on May 17.

The perps approached their victim near Humboldt Street at 4:55 am, and began choking the man as one robber said, “Don’t move, where the cash?”

They pushed the man to the ground and removed his cash and phone.

Then the other flashed a pistol and said, “Don’t get up and follow us,”

Meeker thief

A burglar broke into two apartments in the same Meeker Avenue building on May 18 while the tenants were at work.

The thief entered the house, which is near Russell Street, sometime between 9:30 am and 9 pm, and stole a computer and a plasma-screen television from one apartment, and grabbed several tools from another.

Apple gone

A thief broke into a Manhattan Avenue apartment on May 19, taking a laptop.

The victim told cops that she was taking a shower inside her unit, which is near Driggs Avenue, at 12:45 pm, when the crook entered through the unlocked door.

When she got out, still dripping, she discovered that her computer and cellphone had been taken.

Camcorder crook

A burglar stole electronic goodies from a Driggs Avenue apartment on May 20.

The victim said she was not in her apartment, which is near N. Fifth Street, between 11:30 am and 8:30 pm, when the thug entered through an unlocked door and took a camcorder, camera, and laptop.

Jack hammered

A perp stole cash and tools from a car on Meeker Avenue on May 19.

The victim said he had parked the vehicle near Leonard Street at midnight, and returned to it 10 hours later to discover the smashed front window and the missing stuff.

Musical theft

A perp broke into a car parked on Driggs Avenue, stealing several musical instruments.

The victim parked his car N. 10th Street on May 19 at 11 pm and returned two days later at 9:15 pm to find that the passenger-side window broken and his instruments missing

Toyota taken

A thief stole a Toyota from Morgan Avenue.

The victim told cops that he had parked near Withers Street on May 16 at 4:30 pm, but the vehicle was gone when he returned two days later at 7:30 pm, he found the car had been stolen.

— Aaron Short

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