Bat man busted in Midwood!

Bat bruiser

A slugger with a grudge was arrested on Oct. 9 following a confrontation on Kings Highway.

An 18-year-old man was between E. Seventh and E. Eighth streets at 11:45 pm when the bat-wielding stranger attacked, striking him in the shoulder.

Responding officers arrested the 20-year-old bat boy a short time later, charging him with assault.

No boost

An employee of a Nostrand Avenue Boost Mobile store was arrested this week for “losing” $2,500, then claiming that a guy with a knife robbed her.

The 25-year-old employee was asked to deposit the money back on Sept. 20, police were told. She left the store, which is between Avenue H and Glenwood Road, at noon, but returned a short time later claiming she had been robbed.

Cops learned differently, however.

Area surveillance footage recovered by police show the woman leaving the store on the day of the “theft,” walking several feet down the block and then walking back into the store without interacting with anyone.

When confronted with the evidence, the woman admitted she had lost the money and concocted the robbery story to avoid being blamed.

Cops charged her with grand larceny and falsely reporting an incident.

Tool time

An assortment of tools — as well as two wool coats — were swiped from an E. 18th Street home on Oct. 8.

Police believe the thief entered the home, which is between Avenues R and S, sometime after 3 pm by forcing open the rear basement door.

The theft wasn’t discovered until Oct. 11, police were told.

Garage grab

Thieves broke into the garage of an E. Seventh Street home on Sept. 29, taking an $800 mountain bike.

The homeowner, who lives between Avenues R and S, said that the bike was last seen in the garage at 5 pm. It was discovered missing at 9:45 am on Oct. 3, police were told.

Boating blues

A water-crafty thief made off with a 40-year-old man’s favorite toy on Oct. 9 — a “Quicksilver” boat left docked off of Flatbush Avenue.

The boat owner told police he last saw his beloved boat anchored in the water inside the Gateway Marina at 6 pm. A few days later, he learned his boat was no longer there.

Ave. R raid

Thieves broke into two apartments on Avenue R on Oct. 13, taking a smattering of cash, electronics and jewelry.

Police said the thief crept into both apartments, which are located between Kimball and Coleman streets, sometime after 1 pm. He removed air conditioners found sticking out of side windows to get inside, cops were told.

Jewelry swipe

Three thugs jumped a 14-year-old boy on Avenue H on Oct. 15, taking his jewelry.

The victim told police he was nearing Albany Avenue at 4 pm when he was mugged.

Lock breaker

A thief broke into an E. 38th Street apartment on Oct. 11, breaking the lock to the front door in the process.

The tenant said a cell phone was swiped from his home, which is between Avenues J and K, sometime after 11:25 am.

Mill Basin break-in

A burglar broke into a home on E. 58th Street on Oct. 14, taking an unidentified amount of property.

The thief forced the lock to the home, which is between Flatlands Avenue and Avenue J, taking the 49-year-old’s things.

Window woes

A creeper entered an E. 56th Street home on Oct. 15 after forcing a rear window — but that wasn’t the only obstacle he faced.

Police said that the thief kicked in an inside door before making off with his 51-year-old victim’s possessions.

Car raid

An assortment of medications and clothes were removed from a car parked on Ralph Avenue on Oct. 10.

The car’s owner parked car between E. 59th Street and Avenue K at 2:40 pm. Once he returned to his ride he saw that someone had forced his way into the car and left with the medication and clothes, he told police.

Tire swipe

Thieves snagged two tires off a car parked on Avenue R on Oct. 15.

The owner of the vehicle said he parked the car between E. 37th and E. 38th streets at 1 am. By the next morning, his car was found teetering on two tires.

Surprise visitor

A thief slipped into a 61-year-old woman’s Avenue R home on Oct. 9, surprising the homeowner with his late-night visit.

The victim said she was fast asleep at 1:10 am when she heard a loud noise inside her home, which is between E. 14th and E. 15th streets.

When she went to investigate, she found the thief standing next to her hallway closet, cops were told.

The thief left with a 42-inch television, laptop computer, air conditioner and a microwave oven.

Bedroom sneak

A creeper crawled into an E. 18th Street woman’s apartment on Oct. 3, taking $20,000 in baubles.

The thief crept into the home, which is between Quentin Road and Avenue R, through a bedroom window leading to the fire escape when no one was home at 7 pm.

Two pairs of diamond earrings were among the items stolen, officials said.

Very informative

A thug pulled a gun on a woman on Avenue H on Oct. 8, then — in case she didn’t know — told her “You are being robbed.”

Police said that the odd exchange took place near E. 42nd Street at 10:45 pm. The thief took $300 and a cellphone off the woman before running off, the victim told authorities.

Jimmy’s jack

Thieves broke into Jimmy’s clothing store on Avenue U, taking thousands of dollars in pricey outer ware during the Oct. 4 raid.

Cops were told that the burglars forced up the security gate to the store, which is between West Street and E. First Street, at 5:15 am.

They left with two mink vests, two sherling jackets and an assortment of other items.

Furniture fiends

Thieves broke into the Furniture Center on Flatbush Avenue on Oct. 8, taking an unknown amount of property.

Workers at the store, which is between Kings Highway and Flatlands Avenue, said someone forced their way into a rear window sometime after 8 pm.