Bat man returns on Bedford

Bat attack

Three thugs attacked and tried to rob a man on Bedford Avenue on Sept. 6.

The victim told cops that he was near Lorimer Street on the busy strip at about 9 am when the three approached. One demanded $100, and when the patsy said, “I don’t have any money,” the thugs attacked.

One brute hit the victim to the ground while another hit him in the head with a baseball bat before the three fled.

Screen job

Some dastardly dunces broke into a N. Ninth Street apartment and stole some electronics on Sept. 6.

The victim told cops that she returned to her home, which is between Berry Street and Bedford Avenue, at about 4 pm to find her front window open and the screen busted. Several laptops and a camera were missing.

Cuss you

Two jerks robbed a woman and threatened her on Conselyea Street on Sept. 8.

The victim said she was near Lorimer Street at about 11:45 pm when the two loomed — one of them with what looked like a gun under his shirt.

“Give me f—ing everything!” he screamed, and she handed over her iPhone and credit cards before the thief and his posse took off.

Restaurant romp

A cretin stole $150 from Raymond’s Place restaurant on Bedford Avenue on Sept. 6.

A manager returned to the eatery, which is near N. 10th Street, at 7 pm and noticed the cash missing and the door busted open.

Food blues

Someone broke into a Manhattan Avenue restaurant and stole almost $400 on Sept. 7.

Managers at La Taverna went to the joint, which is near Java Street, at about 10:30 pm to find that a rear side door had been busted open and the money was missing. Later, when they reviewed the surveillance tape, they saw the perp on camera — though no arrests have been made.

G whiz!

A quick-handed perp snatched a man’s cash from his pocket as he stood on the G train platform on Sept. 7.

The victim said he was in the subway at Metropolitan and Greenpoint avenues at about 11:30 am when the jerk ran by, pulling $45 and a Metrocard out of the man’s shirt.

Before the victim could react, the thug was gone.

Double gershed!

Some thieves got a hold of two unsecured bikes in the hallway of an Eckford Street apartment on Sept. 8.

The victim said that he went to check on the bicycles — which, he admitted, were unchained at the apartment near Driggs Avenue — at about 7 am and noticed that the $1,600 rides had been gershed.