PHOTOS: Bay Ridge 5th Avenue fair returns for a fifth year of celebration

Brooklynites flocked to Bay Ridge over the weekend for the annual Fifth Annual street fair, where hundreds of revelers celebrated the neighborhood and the beloved businesses in the area during the joyous festivities.

The Bay Ridge Fifth Avenue Business Improvement District, a local non-profit organization which serves Bay Ridge’s Fifth Avenue community between 65th and 85th streets, work in partnership with local merchants, residents, property owners, elected officials and community organizers to improve neighborhood conditions. 

The BID’s services also include trash pickup, community-based public safety efforts, advocacy, beatification of the neighborhood, business development and more. 

Each year, the Fifth Avenue street fair gives community members, along with those working to improve their neighborhood, an opportunity to celebrate their hard work as well as pay homage to the streets they care so much for.

Numerous food vendors were available for visitors as well as live music, rides and entertainment, shopping and more.

Also available to visitors was the opportunity to take in the work of contributing artists and muralists  took the chance to showcase their work which will be on display for up to a year.

“I consider myself an urban landscape artist,” said Alicia Degener about her bench painting. “I love to draw. I also love to paint but every painting begins with a line drawing I fill in like my own personal coloring book. I work from my own photographs for reference since my work is very detailed.”

To learn more about BID and their upcoming projects and events, visit their website at bayridgebid.com.

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