Bay Ridge nights has you covered

[Editor’s note: Our regular correspondent is taking some leisure (suit) time out of town this week (as if there is anywhere more hoppin’ than Bay Ridge…), so we have brought a grizzled veteran out of retirement for a special, cover-band edition of Bay Ridge Nights].

Bay Ridge is the best place for the next-best thing.

Say you really wanna hear “Margaritaville” this weekend — like you really wanna hear it — but Jimmy Buffet’s punk a– is sipping bourbon and coke in Nashville. What’s a Brooklyn parrot head to do? Well, Bay Ridge has you covered. Hell, it’s got more cover bands than the defense in a Broadcast Music Inc. lawsuit!

On Friday, roll in to Greenhouse Cafe (7717 Third Ave. between 77th and 78th streets) at 9:30 pm to catch London Fogg put an American spin on Brit-pop classics. These medley masters (they play entire buffets of both Stones and Beatles tunes) are down for anything from across the pond, but if you drop a few quid in the tip jar, they may play some canticles from the colonies.

On Saturday, go deep into this whole cover thing and watch people sing karaoke during round two of the 11th Annual Bean Post Idol at the Bean Post Pub (7525 Fifth Ave. at 76th Street) at 7 pm. We all know that karaoke singers are not the original songwriters, but even the backing tracks are not the original studio recordings, making karaoke the purest (and some would say highest) expression of cover love.

Then head back to Greenhouse Cafe at 9:30 pm to catch Friends in Sound play all your favorite classic-rock radio hits without the disc jockey jibber-jabber (Radio today, pff… What ever happened to Alan Freed?!). Expect a smattering of whippersnappers like the Beatles, Eric Clapton, Carlos Santana, and Grand Funk Railroad.

On Sunday, triple-time it over to the Wicked Monk (9510 3rd Ave. at 95th Street) to catch Joe Walz. Honestly, I was hoping this guy played covers of The Eagles strictly in 3/4 — waltz time — but after I looked him up on the YouTube.com, I realized I need better reading glasses. I’m gettin’ too old for this s—. Where was I? Oh Yeah, Walz — this young’un has the chops to really make a name for himself in the cover community. Where else could you hear Zeppelin’s “Babe, I’m Gonna Leave You” followed by Britney Spears’s “Baby One More Time”?

Nowhere but Bay Ridge!

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