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BB gun-wielding thief attempts to rob store

62nd Precinct

Bensonhurst—Bath Beach

BB bandit

A would-be thief attempted to rob a grocery store on Avenue O on Feb. 17 — with a BB gun.

Employees at the grocer near McDonald Avenue told police that the crook entered at around 12:21 am, whipping out the air-powered BB launcher and demanding cash from a clerk. The employee wasn’t too worried about the low-powered weapon, though, and refused to hand over the goods. The crook let off a few rounds, missing each time, and fled.

Apple pickers

Two thugs beat and robbed a boy of his iPhone on W. Fourth Street on Feb. 17.

The victim said he was near Quentin Road at 3 pm when the two crooks jumped him from behind. One of the goons punched the student in the face, while the other took the boy’s phone.

Mob madness

A mob of riled-up goons attacked and robbed a high school student of her cellphone on New Utrecht Avenue on Feb. 14.

The victim told police that she was near Bay Ridge Parkway at 2:50 pm when she was attacked by a group of around 10 thugs. When the attack was over, the victim’s phone was missing from her backpack.

Stick ’em up

Two stick-wielding thugs robbed a man of his cellphone on 20th Avenue on Feb. 13.

The victim told cops that he had left the Bay Parkway subway station and was near 66th Street at 10:10 pm when two men came up from behind and grabbed him by the neck. One of the thugs grabbed the man’s cellphone, while the other threatened him with a stick.

Dangerous encounter

A knife-wielding creep stabbed a man on Kings Highway on Feb. 18.

The victim said he was near W. Ninth Street at 4:15 am when the thug approached him, and the two began to argue. It turned violent when the jerk’s blade sliced the victim’s forehead.

Laptop burglar

A thief robbed a house on Avenue P on Feb. 16.

The owner of the home near W. Ninth Street told police that the crook entered through the front door at 7:15 am, taking two laptops and $200.

Xbox bandit

A thief looted an apartment on Bay 32nd Street on Feb. 13.

The victim told officials that the burglar entered the home between Bath and Benson avenues through a bedroom window at 12:30 pm, taking a laptop and several Xbox video games.

Door breaker

An intruder robbed an apartment on 21st Avenue on Feb. 10.

The homeowner told cops that the thief broke through the front door of the home near 78th Street at 10:30 am, taking a laptop, an iPhone, two watches valued together at $200, and Chinese currency.

Purse snatcher

A grabby thief stole a woman’s purse on 15th Avenue on Feb. 19.

The victim said she was near 84th Street at 7:50 am when the thief snatched her bag, which contained clothes and prescription cards.

— Colin Mixson

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