Beaten after withdrawing cash from ATM

94th Precinct


Punch up

Three hooligans tried to rob a man on Wythe Avenue, and beat him up instead on April 21.

The victim told police he withdrew some cash near N. Sixth Street at 4:30 am, when the perps approached him. One said, “Give it up,” and tried to grab the cash out of his hand.

A second thief knocked him to the ground, and the trio ran away.

Clay stabbing

A violent thug stabbed a 44-year-old woman in a Clay Street building on April 16.

Police responded to a 911 call at the corner of Manhattan Avenue at 4:50 am, when they saw the victim bleeding from her left shoulder and shouting repeatedly, “I’ve been stabbed!”

Cops said the victim was intoxicated, but have a suspect in the attack.

School safety

A burglar stole a safe from a N. Eighth Street middle school during spring break.

The principal told police he left MS 577 on April 5 at 3 pm, but when he returned at 8 am on April 16, he saw that the safe, some cash, and his phone were missing from his office.

Jewelry swiped

A crook stole jewelry, clothing, an iPhone, and a computer from a Manhattan Avenue apartment on April 16.

The tenant left her building near Newtown Street at 9:45 am, but when she returned at 7:30 pm, she realized her apartment had been ransacked and her stuff was gone.


A thief snatched an iPhone, camera, and laptop from a N. Sixth Street apartment.

The tenant left her apartment at 2 pm, but when she returned to Roebling Street half an hour later, the valuables were missing from her roommate’s bedroom.

Guitar gone

A thief stole a guitar and a camera from a car parked on Calyer Street.

The driver parked his car near Moultrie Street on April 17 at 9 am, but when he returned at 12:43 am on April 20, he saw his rear passenger window was broken and his property was missing.

Van scam

Someone stole a Ford Econoline van parked on Norman Avenue on April 18.

Video from the scene shows a man wearing a hooded jacket walk toward the van at 8:07 pm, get in, and drive off down Morgan Avenue.

Acura missing

A thief stole an Acura parked on Skillman Avenue on April 19.

The driver parked his car near Leonard Street at 12:30 am, but when he returned at 2:30 pm, his car was missing.

Shatter proof

A crook stole a wallet and an iPod from a car parked on Kent Avenue on April 21.

The driver parked her car at 4:15 am near N. Third Street, but when she returned an hour later, her front passenger window was broken and her stuff was gone, police say.

— Aaron Short