Beaten by a teen wolfpack

Pack attack

A pack of teens used an array of items to beat a man on Smith Street on April 5.

The 33-year-old victim told cops that he was near Ninth Street at 3:15 pm when he passed a large group of teens which suddenly hit him with an umbrella. The man kept walking and was then hit with a backpack. He crossed the street, but the mob persisted, this time using fists before fleeing.

The man suffered bruises to the nose and hands.

Software pirate

Someone stole thousands of dollars of computer software and a laptop from a Baltic Street building on March 29.

The 51-year-old victim said that he was filming a movie inside the building, located near Bond Street, and went on the third floor at around 8 pm. When he returned back to the ground level at 9:30 pm, he was floored to find his high-end Apple laptop, along with $2,539 of film editing software, gone.

Wheel steal

Someone stole tires and rims from a sports car parked on Columbia Street on April 5.

The 48-year-old victim said he parked his white Infiniti G37 near Kane Street at around 2 pm, but by the time he returned eight hours later, all four wheels, worth $3,000, were gone.

Drug thug

Someone stole over-the-counter drugs from a Court Street CVS on April 5.

A 39-year-old store worker told cops that the congested creep sidled into the store, located near Dean Street, and made off with $210 worth of Claritin, $570 worth of Zyrtec, and $200 worth of Oral B products.

Empty ‘Harry’

Someone robbed a Smith Street bar patron of everything but the kitchen sink on April 4.

The 38-year-old victim said that he went to Bar Great Harry, located near Sackett Street, at around 8 pm, and when he returned to his things at 8:15 pm, they were missing.

The thief made off with $4,725 worth of stuff, including: an Apple laptop, headphones, laptop case, cycling jacket and shoes, groceries and laundry.

Purse grab

Someone stole a woman’s purse from a Verandah Place home on March 30.

The 59-year-old victim said she was babysitting when the creep entered the home on the gorgeous block near Clinton Street, and made off with her purse, along with a wallet.

The wallet and purse were recovered quickly, but the babysitter’s credit cards, identification, and $80 was gone.

64 Verandah Pl.

— Gary Buiso