Beaten for a backpack

88th Precinct

Fort Greene–Clinton Hill

Backpack sack

Two teenage goons jumped a 27-year-old man on Carlton Avenue on Sept. 4, taking his backpack.

The victim was between Willoughby and DeKalb avenues at 1 pm when the suspects attacked, punching him in the face.

iPhone snagger

Steve Jobs’s miracle phones were once again all the rage with thieves in Fort Greene and Clinton Hill this week. Here’s a sampling:

• Two goons attacked a 26-year-old getting onto a train inside the Lafayette Avenue station on Sept. 7 — taking her iPhone.

The victim was about to step onto a C train at 4:20 pm when one of the suspects punched her in the face. The other yanked the iPhone out of her hand.

• A creep ran past a woman on Fleet Walk on Sept. 5, snagging her iPhone from her grasp.

The victim was nearing Prince Street at 2:15 pm when the thief barreled by, grabbing the phone before running off into a nearby apartment building.

Lafayette loot

Look who came to dinner!

A daring thief crept into a Lafayette Avenue apartment on Sept. 5 — while the couple inside was preparing a romantic dinner a deux.

The tenants told police that they had opened the front window to cool down the apartment near Cumberland Street at 7:57 pm. But, while they were cooking in the kitchen, someone climbed through the window, taking a MacBook computer and a digital camera.


Once again, a handful of crimes took place at the Bruce Ratner-owned Atlantic Center and Atlantic Terminal malls this week. Here’s what happened:

• A sticky-fingered thief grabbed a diaper bag containing a wallet and cellphone during a sneaky Sept. 6 theft inside the Flatbush Avenue Target.

The 25-year-old victim was inside the big box store near Atlantic Avenue at 6:30 pm when the crook snagged the bag.

• A 48-year-old woman was arrested on Sept. 7 after she was caught shoplifting inside the Flatbush Avenue Target.

Store employees grabbed the woman at 8:30 pm — just before she could make off with more than $1,000 in baby formula, clothes, candy, cosmetics and a blender.

• A thief made off with a 21-year-old woman’s handbag on Sept. 11 as the woman shopped at the Marshalls on Atlantic Avenue.

The victim was scouting out sales inside the store at 6:20 pm when she left her belongings on the floor.

When she turned back a few moments later, her bag — which contained $400 an iPad and her Russian passport — was gone

Tote taker

A rail renegade held up a 21-year-old woman inside the Clinton–Washington Avenues station on Sept. 7 — taking her Louis Vuitton tote bag.

The victim was about to swipe through a turnstile at 6:16 pm when the thief approached with his hand in his pocket, as if he had a gun, and ran off with her bag, wallet and iPhone.

Beaten and robbed

Three malcontents jumped a 35-year-old man on Myrtle Avenue on Sept. 8 — taking $3 and an assortment of T-shirts.

The victim was nearing Carlton Avenue at 1:20 am when the suspects ran off with his belongings.

Fulton mauled

Four goons left a 21-year-old man hospitalized following a Sept. 9 mugging on Fulton Street.

The victim was between Irving Place and Classon Avenue at 9:30 pm when the thieves took his cash and cellphone — leaving him with a smattering of injuries.


Two thugs were arrested on Sept. 10 after they swiped cellphones from a pair of women dining at a DeKalb Avenue restaurant.

The victims were enjoying the evening inside the eatery between Hudson Place and Rockwell Avenue at 4:42 pm when the thieves plucked the cellphones off their table.

The victims chased after the thieves, getting the attention of a cop who nabbed both men for robbery.

— Thomas Tracy