Beaten up for, what, an iPhone!

78th Precinct

Park Slope

Sucker punch

A thief slugged a woman on Third Street, stealing her iPhone on Sept. 9.

The woman told cops that she talking on her phone at Sixth Avenue at around 3:40 pm, when the man approached from behind, punched her in the left side of her face, grabbed the phone and ran off to an awaiting car.

The blue Infiniti sped off, but the victim got the plate number: FLN-3296.

The woman, 37, was not badly hurt.

Bar grab

A thief stole an iPhone and cash out of a bartender’s bag on Fifth Avenue on Sept. 5.

The barkeep told cops that she got to the bar, which is between Fourth and Fifth streets, at around 6:30 pm, put her bag on a counter, and began work. But 90 minutes later, she realized that her bag had been pilfered — and when she tried to cancel her credit cards, she was told that they’d already been used.

Dirty crime

The much-burglarized Sanitation garage on Second Avenue was hit again — this time for a $5,000 power washer!

Workers at the garage, which is near Hamilton Avenue, told cops that they sent the equipment to Queens for repair and it was sent back, presumably fixed, on Aug. 17.

But two weeks later, when a worker prepared to wash down some equipment, the device was nowhere to be found.

Workers don’t know what happened — and neither does the supervisor!

This isn’t the first time that the controversial depot has been hit. Earlier this year, two navigation systems — the very instruments installed by the Bloomberg Administration after its disastrous blizzard response — were stolen from garbage trucks.


A thief swiped a laptop from a man on Fifth Street on Sept. 5.

The victim said he was between Fifth and Sixth avenues at around 7:55 pm when a thief ran up from behind, swiped his computer and kept on running.

He told cops that the Mac laptop was covered with stickers — though he did not describe them.

R for rob

Thieves swiped the iPhone right out of a woman’s hands as she played a game on a Queens-bound R train on Sept. 5.

The victim told cops that she was on the train at around 2:20 am. When the train pulled into the Ninth Street station, three men entered and surrounded her. At one point, one grabbed the phone and all three fled up to Fourth Avenue.

— Gersh Kuntzman