‘Beats and Eats’ brings community together through food and music at Navy Yard

people at tables at brooklyn navy yard beats and eats
Beats and Eats is bringing music, entertainment, and yummy food and drinks to the Brooklyn Navy Yard on Thursday, Aug. 4.
Courtesy of Brooklyn Navy Yard

The classic summer celebration “Beats and Eats,” which pairs a dynamic duo of fan favorite music and good eats, is headed to the Brooklyn Navy Yard on Thursday, Aug. 4. 

Community organizers, shops, and restaurants and bars like Rustik Tavern, Transmitter Brewing and Hungry House have teamed up to host a free outdoor gathering with live music from local DJs and select tastings from neighborhood eateries.

beats and eats at bk navy yard
The event was invented when the Navy Yard was trying to bring people and community back to the venue in a safe, outdoor setting after the pandemic lockdowns. Courtesy of Brooklyn Navy Yard

According to ​​Johanna Greenbaum, the Navy Yard’s chief development officer, the concept for the block party formed when her staff was looking for creative ways to bring people back outside after the pandemic kept them isolated. 

“We started it last summer as part of like the coming out of the first wave of COVID and something fun and engaging to do in the summer months. It was a great success, said Greenbaum. “It’s one of those moments where the Navy Yard can connect with the community.”

She says the event will be filled with surprise guests and will even be emceed by Hip Hop Closet, a female and minority owned clothing brand who will be working with the DJ to host karaoke. 

“The theme of [the music] this week is Top 40 so I think of all the karaoke nights you can come to, this one will be the most fun,” Greenbaum said. 

The “eats” portion of the event will be courtesy of local restaurants, some of which sit within the Navy Yard itself.

activities at beats n eats navy yard
Local organizations will join in to help out with karaoke, giant-size Jenga and chess, and more. Courtesy of Brooklyn Navy Yard

Frantz Metellus who owns the Rustik Tavern, was eager to pitch in with beverages and refreshments, he said. Metellus is looking forward to bringing everyone together. 

“We’re totally all about that. We’re all about community and hospitality so this is right up our alley,” Metellus said. “It’s good for the Navy Yard community to get together and hang out and relax, especially kind of coming out of this post-COVID. It’s been hard. A lot of people work from home and a lot of people are not in the building as much as they were before this. So this is a nice way to bring people back together.”

Other vendors will include beverages from Transmitter Brewing, tastings from B. Stuyvesant Champagne and eats from Hungry House and Jalapajar. Organizers also boast fun games and activities for all ages like life-sized Jenga, Chess and Connect 4. 

The Yard had its first summer get together on July 3 and will conclude with a final party on Sept. 1.

Enjoy Beats and Eats at the Brooklyn Navy Yard, 141 Flushing Avenue between Clermont and Vanderbilt avenues, on Thursday, Aug. 4., at 5 p.m.