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Beef-patty bandit case goes cold

78th Precinct

Park Slope

Free meat

Cops have given up hunting for the meathead who nabbed frozen beef patties from a Fifth Avenue market on Nov. 3.

An employee told police that the carnivorous crook was spotted browsing the shelves inside the store between President and Union streets at 7:43 pm when he suddenly reached into a freezer and then fled with the package of boosted beef.

No arrests have been made in connection to the stolen patties, and the case has since been closed, cops said.


Cops arrested a man for allegedly beating a woman outside of a Fourth Avenue watering hole on Nov. 3.

The victim told police that she was outside the nightclub between President and Carroll streets at 1 am when the suspect hauled off and smacked her, leaving her face with a nasty mark.

Chip off the block

A vandal covered the engine of a woman’s car in metal chips on Flatbush Avenue on Nov. 1, rendering it inoperable.

The victim told police that she parked her ’08 Ford Focus near the Prospect Park Zoo at 4:50 pm, and returned a few hours later to find that her car wouldn’t start.

Upon opening the hood, she discovered that some rascal had filled it with metal chips, cops said.


Police busted a 61-year-old woman for allegedly looting groceries from a big-box retailer on Atlantic Avenue on Nov. 2.

An employee told cops that the woman was inside the store near Flatbush Avenue at 9 pm when she was spotted stuffing her bag with produce, before sailing past the register, and out the door.

Nevins Street slasher

A vandal slashed the tires of a man’s car inside a parking lot off Nevins Street on Nov. 3.

The victim left his Chrysler in the lot between Wyckoff and Baltic streets at 2 am, and returned later that morning with his kids, who all piled in for the ride to school.

But it wasn’t long before the victim realized he was driving on flats, and pulled over to discover no less than three tires had been slashed, cops said.

Bad break

Officers collard a fired construction worker for threatening to show up at his former Park Place work site with a gun on Nov. 4.

The suspect had just gotten the can a few hours before he allegedly phoned his former colleague on the job between Fifth and Sixth avenues at 11:40 am, threatening to show up bearing arms, police said.

Formula won

A man stole baby formula from a Flatbush Avenue drugstore on Oct. 30.

An employee told police that the thief nabbed six cases of the milk substitute from the store between Prospect and Park places at 7:22 pm.

The store gave surveillance footage and images of a suspect to police, but officer closed the case without an arrest, cops said.

Bike bandit

A crook rode off with a man’s motorcycle he’d parked on Fifth Street on Oct. 30.

The victim left his blue Kawasaki between Fourth and Fifth avenues at 11 pm, and returned later to find it missing.

A lock he’d used to secure the bike was found cut, along with melted metal where his ride had been, according to police.

— Colin Mixson

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