Beer boozer burglar!

Drinkin’ money

A video camera caught a bacchanal burglar stealing cash from a Ninth Street bar on Nov. 1.

The camera showed the perp pass through an employee-only area of the establishment, which is located between Sixth and Seventh avenues, at around 1:10 am. With four beers in his hands, he proceeded upstairs to mingle with patrons, but some 20 minutes later, the perp reappeared in the restricted area, stole some cash, and left the building.

Cops caught a suspect two hours later, and all of the stolen money was recovered, police said.

Toy boys

Three thugs walked into a jewelry shop on the corner of Fifth Avenue and 12th Street on Nov. 1 and stole $19,375 worth of jewels — all with a toy gun — but the heist ended in their arrest.

According to the clerk, two of the punks burst in at 6 pm waving what he thought was a real gun and yelling, “Get the f— on the ground and don’t move!” while a third crook stood watch at the door.

After stuffing more than a dozen gold chains and diamond-encrusted crosses into their pockets, the perps fled. But when three men were arrested hours later, the stolen goods and toy gun were found in their possession, police said.

Gunpoint mug

Two muggers attacked a man in the lobby of his St. Johns Place building on Oct. 30.

The two crooks followed the victim into the building, which is between Seventh and Eighth avenues, at around 8:25 pm and pulled a gun with a red-painted muzzle, punched the man in the face, and took his phone and $100 from his wallet.

Fire escaped

Someone broke into an apartment on Seventh Avenue on Oct. 29 and stole a laptop and cash.

The burglar used the fire escape to enter the residence, between Carroll Street and Garfield Place. Once inside, he grabbed the goods and escaped through the front door.

The break-in occurred between noon and 8:15 pm, while the owner was at work.

Phone heist

Three men stole at least half a dozen cellphones, including four of the Sidekick phones that have lately become very popular among thieves, from a store on the corner of Flatbush Avenue and Park Place on Oct. 29.

The thieves walked into the store at 12:40 pm and furtively lifted $1,695 worth of merchandise before getting into a car and driving away.

Hours later, cops caught three suspects, including one 14-year old boy, police said.

— Evan Gardner

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