Beloved grocery robbed!

Gunpoint robbery

Two gun-toting robbers held up the Zywiec grocery on Nassau Avenue early on June 28.

The owner told cops that the thugs entered the store, which is at Newell Street, at around 1 am. One of them pulled the gun and screamed, “Don’t move or I’ll kill you!”

The two men emptied the register, made off with the clerk’s wallet and cellphone, and helped themselves to cigarettes while they were behind the counter.


Burglars got away with thousands in electronic gizmos in three break-ins last week. Here’s a round-up:

• In the first incident, thieves broke into a Humboldt Street apartment between 7:30 pm and 9 pm on June 20 and made off with a laptop computer, a digital camera and an iPod. Cops said that the ground-floor doors of the building, which is between Frost and Withers streets, weren’t secured.

• Next, gadget-hungry thugs broke into a Skillman Avenue apartment, grabbing a laptop, a digital camera, a digital video camera, a hard drive and an iPod. The 27-year-old victim’s roommates didn’t even wake up as the silent thieves entered through the front window of the building, which is between Lorimer and Leonard streets, sometime after 11:30 pm on June 21.

• Crooks entered an apartment on Broome Street near McGuinness Boulevard on June 25 while the tenant was at work — and left with his hard-earned laptop and flat-screen monitor.

Not quite

Would-be robbers broke into two places last week, but in both cases, didn’t get much.

In the first case, thugs broke through the skylight of a Greenpoint Avenue beverage distributor overnight on June 22, but were foiled by a security gate. In the end, they left Big Blue Beverage, which is between McGuinness Boulevard and Provost Street, without taking a thing.

Three days later, crooks successfully got inside a Meeker Street apartment to get a safe — but it contained only a car title and a Social Security card, said the victim, whose unit is near Apollo street.

Tool time

A thief was caught on camera — but not yet by cops — as he broke into a van parked near the corner of Nassau and Humboldt streets and stole thousands in tools on June 25.

The perp broke the front passenger window to get the equipment and a digital camera at around 3 am.

Pole vault

Burglars got lots of Benjamins — and an unknown number of Zygmunts! — when they broke into Kingsland Avenue apartment and stole U.S. and Polish banknotes on June 26.

The 32-year-old resident told cops that he discovered the crime at around 4 pm, when he returned to the unit, which is near Driggs Avenue. He told cops that crooks not only got the $2,000 in American money, but also jewelry, an iPod and the unspecified amount of zlotys.

Stupid criminal

Officers arrested a 41-year-old man for robbing another 41-year-old man of his wallet, cash and keys in McCarren Park at 1 pm on June 20.

The perp fled the park on a bike, but decided to return to the scene, where the victim and his friends were waiting. They chased him for a block to Manhattan Avenue, where he hid under a truck until cops found him — still in possession of the victim’s property, police said.