‘Bert and Ernie’ mugged in Sheepshead Bay!

A heartless crook pilfered $300 in quarters from this Bert and Ernie kids’ ride in front of S&D Kids on Nostrand Avenue in Sheepshead Bay on Jan. 7 — causing the ride to be shut down until further notice.
Photo by Elizabeth Graham

Someone mugged Bert and Ernie!

A thief looted a Sheepshead Bay kiddie ride depicting the beloved Sesame Street characters outside of the S&D Kids on Nostrand Avenue on Jan. 7 — taking $300 in quarters.

The heartless crook broke into the oscillating coin-operated ride — which allowed toddlers to sit in a fire truck manned by the two icons — as it sat near Gravesend Neck Road sometime between 5 and 7:30 pm, pilfering a hefty — and heavy — sum after snipping the lock to the ride’s coin bank, cops said.

S&D shoppers were outraged to hear that someone had plundered the ride, which has been out of order since the weekend robbery.

“It’s disgusting,” said one woman, stepping inside the clothing store with her daughter on Wednesday. ”Some people will do anything and not think about the kids, the store, or anybody.”

Others feel the morally-bankrupt burglar lucked out, getting away with the theft while S&D Kids was open.

“He must have had luck on his side, that’s not any easy thing to do,” said one Sheepshead Bay resident.

Kiddie Up Express, the company that owns the coin-operated ride, would not comment on the theft. Nor would workers at S&D.

Fortunately, the thief didn’t break into the ride adjacent to Bert and Ernie’s fire truck: a teeter-tottering yellow elephant.

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