Betim Kaziu will rot in a cell!

Oh, happy day!

Now, world-class James Madison High School dropout-turned-traitor Betim Kaziu can seek cold comfort inside the steel bars of a prison for plotting to murder U.S. troops overseas.

A federal judge wasted no time in handing down a 27-year sentence to the aspiring anarchist last week, shrugging off his 11th-hour pleas that he never meant to hurt anyone. Sob-sob.

Brooklyn jurist John Gleeson was having none of it.

“You grew up in Brooklyn, and you decided to murder your own country’s soldiers,” he snapped, adding that he doubted Kaziu’s “capacity to commit terrorism has been diminished.”

No mistake about that.

Gleeson’s action sends a critical message to other wannabe terrorists: if you even think of killing Americans, we will catch you, expose you in all your villainy, try you in court, convict you, and haul you off to jail for a very long time, where you can think about the errors of your vile ways.

The 23-year-old Sheepshead Bay man’s slobbering at his March 2 sentencing was a far cry from the bravado he displayed at his July 2011 trial. He greeted the jury’s verdict — which took a mere four hours — with a smirk.

That gross grin has been wiped off his face — thanks to Gleeson’s swift gavel.

The case was a low-profile one from the start because Kaziu’s stomach-churning scheme didn’t go off as planned. But it wasn’t for the lack of his trying. He went to hook up with Islamic militants in Egypt, acquire weapons, and wipe out American troops in Afghanistan and Iraq — a cold and calculated plan that bombed when he was arrested in Kosovo in Aug. 2009 within months of flying out of John F. Kennedy Airport with high hopes of committing unspeakable horrors against his own nation.

Betim Kaziu is a blight on humanity and a curse on his Muslim parents who emigrated from Yugoslavia, presumably to give their family a better life. Now, they are left to deal with his demons. Now, they have to avoid the glaring eyes of strangers in the street. Now, their lives will never be the same. But they can rest assured that his crime is not their crime. We are all individuals who act, ultimately, upon our own instincts.

Kaziu’s wish to make history as a scummy terror-monger is an example of the lengths that Islam’s extremists will go to in their crusade to harm innocent people. It is also a shining example of why our law enforcement, whose skilled work helped nab the miscreant, must continue unhampered in their duty to eradicate homegrown jihadists for everyone’s safety.

The devil is no match for the U.S. legal system. Betim Kaziu knows that now better than most.


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