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Better late than never — the 94th Precinct blotter!

94th Precinct


Phone punch

Two perps pilfered a woman’s phone on Manhattan Avenue on Sept. 27.

The woman told police that she was near Leonard Street at 3:30 am when the perps approached her. One grabbed her arm, saying, “Give me your phone or I’ll punch you.” The other took the phone and they ran away.

Umbrella punch

A thief took a 15-year-old boy’s umbrella and punched him in the face at the Metropolitan Avenue station on Sept. 29.

The thief was waiting for the train at Lorimer Street at 4:30 pm, when the perp approached him and asked for his umbrella. Then he punched the boy in his face, fracturing his nose.

Choke holder

A violent thug grabbed a woman and slammed her against a car on Sept. 30 near N. Seventh Street.

The victim told police that the perp put her in a choke hold at 12:01 am near Driggs Avenue, and pushed her head against a car. She lost consciousness and fell to the ground,

An officer arrived, and the suspect fled, but the officer caught up and arrested him, police said.

Franklin furnace

A thief stole a laptop, iPad and jewelry from a Franklin Street apartment on Sept. 27.

The tenant left her apartment at 10:20 am and returned two hours later to find her front door open and her stuff missing.

Tool job

A thief stole tools from a N. Ninth Street construction site.

The owner locked the yard site at 5 pm on Sept. 23, but when he returned four days later, he saw the tool box was open and the tools were missing.

Rear window

A thief stole a laptop, camera, and handbags from a Bedford Avenue apartment on Sept. 29.

The tenant left his apartment at 8:30 am, but when he returned at 4:30 pm, he saw the rear window was kicked in and his family’s property was gone.

Juliette jolted

A thief stole $4,500 from a N. Fifth Street restaurant on Sept. 26.

The manager at the popular restaurant Juliette told police a thief walked into the office at 10:30 am and removed six bags of money from its safe, before leaving down Bedford Avenue.

Take the Fifth

A thief stole a wallet, bag, camera and sunglasses from a car parked on N. Fifth Street late on Sept. 30.

The driver parked his car near Wythe Avenue at 10:10 pm and returned three hours later to find his stuff gone.

Clothes call

A thief stole clothes, a cellphone, and several textbooks from a car parked on N. Fourth Street overnight on Sept. 30.

The driver parked near Berry Street at 9:30 pm, but when she returned at 1 am the next day, she saw the driver’s-side lock was broken and her property was missing.

Ford removed

A thief stole a Ford truck on Kent Avenue last week.

The driver parked near N. 11th Street on Sept. 30 at 2:30 pm, but when he returned at 4:30 pm the next day, the truck was gone.

Vespa poached

A thief stole a moped on N. Eighth St overnight on Oct. 1.

The driver parked his Vespa near Wythe Avenue at 11 pm and returned at 1 pm the next day to find it gone.

— Aaron Short

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