Big crimes at Atlantic Terminal

‘Police Navidad’

The Atlantic Terminal Mall, home to both Target and Chuck E. Cheese, was the site of five larcenies around Christmas. Here are the details:

• A thief swiped a woman’s wallet from her table at the game-filled fast-food eatery at 2 pm on Dec. 18.

• A thief took a woman’s wallet that she briefly left on top of her baby stroller while she was shopping at 2:30 pm on Dec. 20.

• A thief picked up a woman’s purse that she left on the floor at 2:30 pm on Dec. 20, collecting about $300.

• A thief snatched a woman’s Coach bag off a shopping cart at 10:15 pm while the woman was shopping at Target on Dec. 22.

• A thief took a woman’s bag right out of her Target shopping cart at 2:15 pm on Dec. 26, as she was trying to take advantage of some post-Christmas sales.

Gym rat

Some meathead swiped a wallet from a Fifth Avenue gym on Dec. 22 while its owner was lifting weights.

The victim told cops that he was at the health club, which is between 14th and 15th streets, at around 3 pm. He placed his wallet on a bench so that he could pump some iron for a few minutes, but when he returned for the wallet, which contained cards and cash, it was gone.

Bike theft

Some jerk gershed a bicycle on Second Street overnight on Dec. 24.

The victim told cops that she left her ride outside of her home, which is between Prospect Park West and Eighth Avenue, at around 4:30 pm. When she went to get the bike the next morning, it was gone.


A thief swiped a wallet from a patient at New York Methodist Hospital on Sixth Street overnight on Dec. 19.

Cops say that the victim was spending the night in the hospital, which is between Seventh and Eighth avenues, when someone crept into her room, rifled through her bag and nabbed her wallet that contained cards and cash.

It’s at least the seventh such theft this year from suffering patients at the medical institution this year, a surprisingly frequent locale in our police blotter.

Mac took

Some tech geek stole an Apple MacBook pro from the Seventh Street Mac Support store on Dec. 20.

Cops say that the pricey laptop was locked to a table in the store, which is between Second and Third avenues, but it was taken sometime between 4 pm and 6 pm.

Goya grab

Someone stole a laptop, a navigation system and 16 bottles of booze from a Goya Foods truck parked in front of the Pathmark on 12th Street.

Cops say that the their broke the rear passenger side window of the truck, which is along Second Avenue, around 12:30 pm to swipe the array of goods.

— Alex Rush