Big haul

An enterprising perp made off with $35,000 from a home office on Hewes Street on March 30.

The 65-year-old tenant of the apartment, between Lee and Marcy avenues, told cops that she had last been in the room at 7 pm on March 28.

Two days later, she returned to discover the room ransacked and the big money gone.


A thief acted quickly, not only seizing the ATM card of a 25-year-old man who had left the debit card inside an ATM on March 26, but withdrawing $280 before the victim could cancel the account.

The absent-minded South Sixth Street man had left the card inside the bank, at Broadway and Havemeyer Street, at 7 pm, cops said.

Knifepoint robberies

There were at least three robberies at knifepoint this week in Williamsburg.

In the first incident, a thug threatened to slit a 23-year-old’s throat on March 25 unless he emptied his pockets.

“This is not a joke,” said the hoodlum, who grabbed his victim from behind at 7:30 pm at the corner of Grattan Street and Morgan Avenue. “Give me your money or I’ll cut you.”

The victim handed over $44, and the thug fled.

In the second incident, three hungry hoodlums robbed a deliveryman as he was carrying Chinese food to a Manhattan Avenue apartment on March 27.

The deliveryman, 25, was bringing food to an apartment in the building, between Seigel and McKibbin streets, at 9:25 pm, when three thugs emerged from the stairwell, pulled out a knife and demanded his money and food.

The victim handed over $200, a cellphone and $22 worth of Chinese food.

And in the third incident, a 28-year-old woman was entering her Broadway apartment building at 9:35 pm on March 29 was approached by a strange man who pulled a large knife.

The tenant of the building, between Berry and South Sixth streets, gave the thief her $400 iPod, a $70 wallet, a credit card, an ATM card, a $76 MetroCard, and a German identification card worth $120.

Tween victim

An 11-year-old kid was attacked on March 25 as he was heading to a bus stop at the northeast corner of Throop Avenue and Walton Street.

“Hey, motherf—er,” said a guy who looked about 17.

The unlucky Pulaski Street tween, who’d been heading to the bus stop at 5 pm, tried to walk away, but the thug tripped him, punched and hit him, tore off the boy’s white T-shirt and then fled.

Guitar stolen

A $4,000 1962 Epiphone Coronet guitar was stolen from a Driggs Avenue shop on March 28, cops said.

The victim, 31, discovered the theft at 7:45 pm at his store, Southside Guitars, which is between South Second and South Third streets. He has since offered a reward for any information leading to the ax’s return.

“I will pay $500 for the guitar’s safe return and $500 for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the thief,” reads the post on Craigslist. “I can be reached at (917) 723-9434.”

The thief won’t get the monetary reward, though he or she will get a reward of another sort — the victim won’t press charges.

Gunpoint rob

An armed thug robbed a teenager on March 28 on Maujer Street, cops said.

The 18-year-old victim was between Humboldt Street and Bushwick Avenue at around 5:40 pm when the thug ran up, whipped out a gun and demanded, “Run your pockets.”

The gunman got $1 — yes, one dollar — and the victim’s cellphone.

Purse snatched

A Graham Avenue resident’s purse was snatched in front of her own home on March 29.

The victim, 32, told cops she was between Meserole and Scholes streets at 1:20 am when a stranger ran up to her, grabbed the $675 bag from her hand, and fled.

Inside the pricey satchel she was carrying $30, her ID and her house keys.

Shop ransacked

A thief broke into a Graham Avenue shop last week, stealing cash and cellphones.

The incident happened at some point between 6:30 pm on March 22 and 11:40 am on March 30. Cops believe the thief broke in through a mailbox connecting the store with a hallway leading to neighboring apartments.

The victim, a 45-year-old man, said $3,500 and the two phones were stolen from the shop, between Moore and Seigel streets.

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