Big utility, even bigger heart

Get your blankets now: A National Grid liason hands out blankets to those affected by Hurricane Sandy in Sheepshead Bay.
Courtesy National Grid

Borough Wide

National Grid supplies the gas that heats the houses and cooks the food, so it keeps us warm, toasty, and well fed. Unfortunately, a visit from Hurricane Sandy put an end to many of the perks like hot water, heat, and electricity for many of us. Believe Standing O when she says, “Cold showers are really not fun.”

Enter National Grid. If the company couldn’t keep us warm with gas heat, it was going to keep us warm with blankets — 31,000 to be exact, along with other necessities to get Brooklynites through the worst storm many of us have ever seen, Standing O included. The company handed out batteries, flashlights, electric heaters, and bottles of water throughout the areas hit the hardest.

“National Grid’s core expertise is in delivering natural gas to New York City and Long Island, but our commitment, especially in times of dire need, goes far beyond that to doing whatever we can to help communities endure and recover from this devastating disaster,” said Ken Daly, president of National Grid in New York.

Our pal Ken added, “We are present in the communities we serve every day. In response to Hurricane Sandy we have transformed that daily presence, supplemented by additional staff and resources from other parts of our company, to a comprehensive community storm recovery effort. We are grateful for all our community partners who are joining us in this monumental effort.”

Crews and company liaisons worked with local officials and community agencies to provide food, water, clothing, blankets, dry ice, and other essential household items to customers in the community as well as to our neighbors to the north and east. National Grid literally went door to door blanketing the neighborhoods with blankets, as well as working around the clock to get us all up and running safely.

Two handy tips from National Grid — if you do not smell gas, but don’t have service, call (718) 643–4050. If you do smell gas, don’t delay, call the number immediately.

What a stand-up sort of company — especially when the chips are down.

National Grid [One Metro Tech Center, 15 West in Downtown, (718) 403–2503].

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