Big (well, sort of big) fireworks bust for 76th Precinct

It must be getting close to July 4 because cops busted a mega-stash of pyrotechnic devices this week.

A two-week investigation culminated on Wednesday morning as officers kicked down the door of an Ocean Avenue apartment and found the weapons of mini-destruction: from “Haulin’ Ass” rockets and four-foot-tall mortars to “Thunder Bombs” and the ol’ “Felonious Assault” package.

They said the lot — with a street value of almost $5,000 — could have done some serious damage to the perp and his apartment, which is between T and U avenues, if it had caught fire.

“Anything fireworks-related is a big deal — but we had no idea we’d come across this much,” said a police source, who invited us to the 76th Precinct in Cobble Hill to show off the stash, in hopes that it would deter folks from seeking out the contraband.

The suspect, 32-year-old Edguardo Diaz of Sheepshead Bay, faces criminal misdemeanor charges of dealing fireworks.

“He would hang out by the Red Hook Houses, take orders and come back later to fill the orders,” one police source said.

Cops said that Diaz probably got them in Pennsylvania, but warned that anyone buying, possessing or selling the explosives in the city faces a $750 fine. That’s right, one firecracker could land you an explosive fine.

This is the second fireworks seizure for the 76th Precinct in the last two years — last June, officers arrested a man for dealing out of the back of his store on Third Avenue near 13th Street. Cops said that all Brooklyn precincts would be stepping up their fireworks citations as the holiday draws near.

“It’s unlawful to carry fireworks in the entire state,” one officer said. “If you see something, say something. Call 311.”