Bike bandit disguises and hides swiped Citi Bike

76th Precinct

Carroll Gardens-Cobble Hill–Red Hook

Poor paint job

Some bike bandit swiped a Citi Bike, painted it gray, and hid it in a Richard Street building, where cops found it on Nov. 21.

Cops got an anonymous tip of a suspicious-looking stolen bike in the building between Sullivan and Kings streets, and showed up around 1 pm to find the disguised two-wheeler in an elevator.

Package picker

A thief swiped a package left on a stoop on Sackett Street on Nov. 25, according to police.

The rightful owner of the package was at work and said the goods were delivered to her apartment between Clinton and Court streets sometime around noon. She came home around 2:30 pm expecting to find the package containing a new pair of boots waiting for her, but came back to an empty doorstep.

Package thefts tend to spike around the holidays, police said.

Delayed reaction

An unknown gunman fired off a round on Lorraine Street on Nov. 26, hitting two men.

The two, who said they were not together, told police they were walking between Hicks and Henry streets around 8:30 pm when each heard loud bangs.

One immediately saw he was hit in the calf, but the other thought he got off unscathed until he got home and saw he was hit in the knee.

Vanished into thin air

A sneaky thief made away with two MacBook Air laptops when he burglarized a home on Baltic Street on Nov. 25.

He made his way into the home between Hicks and Henry streets sometime between 11:30 am and 1:30 pm without breaking any doors or windows, snagged the laptops, and fled out through a basement door, police reported.

— Dennis Lynch

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