Bike psych! Transportation Alternatives’ Paul Steely White: NYPD must treat traffic crimes as seriously as rape • Brooklyn Paper

Bike psych! Transportation Alternatives’ Paul Steely White: NYPD must treat traffic crimes as seriously as rape

“Every day, I ride my bicycle through Brooklyn on new bicycle lanes and walk through pedestrian plazas where vehicles once sped. So every day, I am thankful for the ways my borough is safer. The Prospect Park West protected bicycle lane has cut speeding 80 percent in my neighborhood; traffic calming measures continue to spread across downtown Brooklyn; fast and efficient Select Bus Service is in Bedford-Stuyvesant’s future. I am thankful every day to be a Brooklynite under Mayor Bloomberg who understands that a city safe for walking and bicycling is a better city — a city to be thankful for.”
Paul Steely White, executive director of Transportation Alternatives

The head of a pro-bike, anti-car advocacy group called on the NYPD to start enforcing the law to save bicyclists’ lives on the latest edition of Brooklyn Paper Radio.

Paul Steely White, the chief of Transportation Alternatives — who apparently was calling from a cellphone from inside a deep cave or in an unused subway tunnel — wondered if police officers are even interested in giving out moving violations when there is so much other crime going on in the city.

“We need the NYPD to start treating traffic crimes as seriously as rape or murder and other types of violent crime,” he told hosts Gersh Kuntzman and Vince DiMiceli. “Many cops view it as not real police work.”

Steely White pointed out that some officers are proud of the work they do battling reckless driving, because they are saving lives, but not enough police resources are being used to fight the problem.

“It’s going to be a combination the NYPD getting serious about traffic safety and prioritizing their limited resources according to the data,” he said. “Lets not focus so much on tinted windows and more on egregious reckless driving that is going completely unchecked.”

Steely White also called on the state to allow the city to install more traffic-calming red-light cameras.

The boys were also joined rookie reporter Caroline Spivack, who talked about her Pulitzer-worthy story on the Schnitzel Haus Dounald Trump photo fiasco, which featured the shows first real phone call from a listener.

Finally, an attempt to get Gersh’s dad on the phone to talk him out of voting for Donald Trump failed measurably, ending with Gersh and Vince leaving a message at the sound of the beep.

All in all, it was another great show that you can listen to right now.

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