Bike-riding iPhone thief is back

94th Precinct



A thief on a bicycle stole a woman’s iPhone on Roebling Street on Nov. 9.

The victim told the police that she was near N. Fifth Street at 6:45 pm when the perp rode up behind her, snatched her phone from her hand, and fled.

Purse threat

A thief stole a woman’s purse on Nov. 7 on Kent Avenue.

The victim told police that she was near N. Fourth Street at 11:05 am when the perp approached her and said, “Give me your purse!”

The victim complied, and the thief ran away.

Phone punch

A thief punched a woman and stole her phone on Kingsland Avenue on Nov. 12.

The victim was near Jackson Street at 2:20 am when the perp approached from behind and grabbed her phone. He then punched her in the face and ran away.

Ring rung

A thief stole a ring from a Newel Street apartment on Nov. 10.

The tenants left their apartment near Norman Avenue at 8:15 am and returned at 4:15 pm to find the door to the building unlocked and the ring missing.

Cabinet caper

A thief stole a cabinet and hydraulic table from a vehicle on India Street overnight on Nov. 11.

The driver parked near Manhattan Avenue at 6 pm, but when he returned to the spot at 7 am the next day, he saw that his front door was unlocked and his furniture was missing.

Wallet woes

At least two wallets were swiped from cars:

• A thief stole a wallet from a car on Eagle Street near West Street between 8 and 10 am on Nov. 9.

• A thief stole a wallet in similar fashion on Driggs Avenue near Metropolitan Avenue between 5:40 and 9 pm on Nov. 7.

— Aaron Short