Bike swiped

Synagogue steal

A thief broke into an E. 7th Street synagogue on Aug. 23, taking $9,000, an assortment of gold and silver coins and a briefcase to put it all in.

A 70-year-old who lives above the house of worship, which is between Kings Highway and Avenue R, told police about the robbery, which happened around 2:10 am.

The senior told cops he woke when he heard someone force a side window.

The quick-moving thief got inside, raided a first-floor office and exited before the senior realized the place had been broken into, cops were told.

Stabbed in stomach

An unhinged assailant stabbed a man on Aug. 21 during a spat on Quentin Road and Coney Island Avenue.

The 20-year-old victim said he was nearing the corner when the unidentified suspect attacked for no apparent reason, leaving him with a single stab wound to the abdomen.

He was listed in stable condition after treatment at Maimonides Medical Center.

Car thief nabbed

Members of the Flatbush Shomrim Patrol helped catch a two-man pit crew on Aug. 19 when it saw the two trying to free a car of its wheels at the corner of Avenue S and E. 22nd Street.

The patrol was rolling past the corner at 2:30 am when it spotted the thieves removing the lug nuts from the car’s tires.

The patrol called 911, and cops were able to catch one of the suspects on the corner. The second man was arrested a short time later.

Home ransacked

Over $23,000 in cash and $20,000 in jewelry were ripped out of an E. 18th Street home on Aug. 25 during a daytime raid.

The 66-year-old victim told police that he returned to his apartment, which is between Avenues T and U, at 6 pm to find the top lock to his front door broken. The bottom lock was unlocked, he discovered.

He went inside and found his bedroom tossed about.

Construction cons

Thieves broke into a construction site on E. 12th Street on Aug. 22, taking an assortment of tools, some copper piping and a water meter.

Workers showed up for work at the site, which is between Avenues T and U, at 7:30 am the next morning to discover that the chain to the security fence had been clipped.

The bolt cutters used in the heist had been left next to the fence, cops were told.

Purse swiped

A thief made off with a woman’s purse following a furious Aug. 27 exchange at the corner of Avenue T and E. 12th Street.

The 25-year-old victim was nearing the corner at 4 pm when the suspect attacked, ripping her pocketbook from her arm as he ran by.

Robbed of bike

A crew of free-wheeling thieves made off with a man’s two wheeler on Aug. 27.

The 21-year-old victim said he was pedaling past the corner of E. 36th Street and Avenue P at 1 am when the suspects stopped him in his tracks, shoved him off his bike and rolled away with his wheels.

Checked out

Thieves broke into an Avenue N Western Union on Aug. 26, swiping $2,500.

Employees at the store, which is between E. 56th and E. 57th streets, said the thieves cut the locks to the roll down gates in order to get inside.

Window pains

An assortment of goods was removed from a Bergen Avenue home during an Aug. 23 break-in, police said.

The 37-year-old homeowner told police someone crept into her home, which is between Avenues T and U, through a rear window sometime after 7:30 pm and took jewelry, electronics and $600.

More break-ins

Talk about being forward and up front: A thief entered an E. 68th Street home on Aug. 25 after forcing open the front door.

Some jewelry and credit cards were removed from the home, which is between Avenues T and U, said police. The break-in occurred sometime after 9 am.

Tool swipe

A crook broke into a truck parked on Avenue N on Aug 26, taking an assortment of tools.

The owner of the commercial vehicle told police he parked his wheels between E. 33rd and E. 34th streets at 11 pm.

When he returned the next morning, he learned someone broke the lock to the side door and ransacked the cabin.

Bottle bash

A barfly with a bad temper cracked a bottle over another man’s head during an Aug. 27 skirmish inside a Utica Avenue nightspot, officials said.

The victim told police he was arguing with the other man inside the club at 2:30 am when he was struck.

His assailant managed to flee the club before police were called.

Rooftop renegades

Thieves cut a hole through the roof of a Fine Fare supermarket on Utica Avenue on Aug. 27, but apparently didn’t have enough time to get inside.

Workers showed up at the market, which is between Avenues K and L, found the hole, but nothing had been reported stolen.

The attempted break-in took place sometime after 6 pm, officials said.

Window woes

A thief forced his way into a Flatlands home on Aug. 22, taking several credit cards and some jewelry.

Police were told that the burglar forced open a rear window to the E. 55th Street address, which is between Avenue I and Flatlands Avenue, to get inside.

Knocked down

A thief barreled into a 37-year-old man on Aug. 22 and robbed him of his cellphone during a Flatlands clash.

The victim told police he had just stepped inside the Farragut Road building, which is between E. 59th Street and Ralph Avenue, when the suspect grabbed him and threw him down the stairs.

The thief scooped up his victim’s cellphone, taking it with him, police said.

Stolen goods

A thief busted his way into a car left in a Flatlands Avenue parking lot on Aug. 24, taking a woman’s purse.

The 31-year-old victim said she left her car in the lot, which is between E. 58th and E. 59th streets, at about 1:10 pm.

She returned after running a few errands and found her passenger side window broken and her purse, credit cards and cash missing.

Home invasion

A thug surprised and robbed a 79-year-old’s inside her own Avenue P home on Aug. 20, taking her property.

Cops were told the thief entered the home, which is between Marine Parkway and E. 31st Street, through an unlocked front door and surprised the victim.

He then ordered her to the bedroom and tied her to the bed before making off with an undisclosed amount of her belongings, police said. No weapons were used.

Bad visit

Two thieves mugged a woman on Aug. 18 as she rang the bell to an E. 56th Street home.

The victim said she was visiting the address, which is between Avenues H and I, at 10 pm when the thugs shoved her and made off with her belongings. One of the suspects was arrested a short time later, officials said.

Coney slashing

Two thugs who packed their blades with their sunscreen attacked three Coney Island beachgoers during an Aug. 29 spat.

The victims told police they began arguing with the devilish duo Sunday afternoon as they frolicked among the waves.

The argument continued as they reached dry land near W. 12th Street and the Boardwalk, where the suspects pulled knives and lunged at their unarmed victims.

All three were wounded and rushed to Coney Island Hospital, where they were listed in stable condition after treatment.

Their assailants, ages 19 and 28, were immediately taken into custody and charged with assault.

Gassing up

Two thieves raided a Gravesend Neck Road gas station at gunpoint on Aug. 23, taking $500.

A worker at the station, which is between Ocean Avenue and E. 21st Street, told police that he was monitoring the pumps at 7:15 pm when someone came in, asking to use the bathroom.

Seconds later a second man — the one with the gun — came in, waving the pistol in his victim’s face.

“Money,” the thief ordered, as his accomplice left the bathroom and took the cash from the employee’s shirt pocket.