Biking purse snatcher rides again!

76th Precinct

Carroll Gardens-Cobble Hill–Red Hook

Speeding by

A bicyclist ripped a purse from a 33-year-old woman’s shoulder on Carroll Street on June 1 — and dragged the woman along the sidewalk until she relinquished the bag.

The woman was between Henry and Hicks streets at 2:38 pm when the hooligan sped by, snatched the purse and sped off. The woman suffered injuries to the right side of her body in her attempt to keep her property.

Quartet query

Four thugs pounded on a 28-year-old man during an iPhone robbery the corner of Union and Bond streets on May 31 — but police arrested two of the thieves before the night was over.

The victim was nearing the intersection at 9:23 pm when the thieves approached.

“What are you looking at?” one of the men asked before the suspects punched their victim in the face and ran off with his smart phone.

Cab caper

Two goons jumped an off-duty cabbie on President Street on May 31, taking a bag containing $730 as well as some tools of the trade.

The victim had just parked his cab and was walking to his personal vehicle, which he left near Hoyt Street, at 1:55 am when the thieves approached and put a gun to his head.

The thieves ran off with a satchel containing the cash, his TLC license, a navigation system and an EZ-Pass.

Domino danger

A gun-toting 43-year-old was arrested on May 31 after he interrupted a domino game at the corner of Mill and Henry streets — then tried to shoot one of the players.

Witnesses said that the suspect approached the game in progress at 12:02 pm, pulled a gun and ejected a round that landed right on the domino table.

He then put the gun to a 49-year-old man’s head and pulled the trigger, but the victim managed to knock the gun away before he was hit.

— Thomas Tracy