Billyburg wants bike racks

Residents of Williamsburg want more places to park their bikes, especially now that they’ve gotten a taste for what it’s like when the city installs clusters of bike racks near public transportation.

This summer the Department of Transportation added nine bike racks — with room for more than 30 two-wheelers — near the Bedford Avenue L-train station. It was the first time in city history that street parking was sacrificed for bike parking, according to DOT.

Now, neighborhood residents want more — and DOT is listening.

On Monday night, an agency official told Community Board 1 that the city is considering five other sites that the board had suggested, including two more racks near the Bedford station, plus racks near the Nassau Avenue G-train station, the Grand Street L-train station and at Kent Avenue on the waterfront.

More than 2,600 bikes cross the Williamsburg Bridge on a given day, according to a city survey — making the Willy B the city’s business bike thoroughfare.

“It’s one of the most bicycling-intensive neighborhoods in the city,” said Jon Orcutt, a DOT adviser. “So it makes sense for us to do these kinds of projects here.”

CB1’s Transportation Committee will discuss the issue aga

in on Sept. 20 at Our Lady of the Snow (410 Graham Ave., between Jackson and Withers streets), 6:30 pm. Call (718) 389-0009 for information.