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Bisou comes home!

Kensington dog lovers rejoice! Bisou has come home.

The clever canine, who was believed to have been stolen from outside Yummy Taco on Church Avenue and East Second Street on New Year’s Day, found her way home this week to the delight of her human companions, the Blocks.

“Bisou has come back to us, and we are so happy,” said Linda Block, whose heartfelt plea for Bisou’s return on posters all over the neighborhood caught everyone’s attention.

The missing pooch (left) had been tied up to a post outside the restaurant while Block went inside. When she came out, Bisou was gone. Block was convinced Bisou had been stolen.

It’s unclear if she was. After all, Bisou showed up at the Blocks’ door this week healthy, unharmed, and wearing her collar. Then again, her leash was missing.

So now for the real mystery: Who stole Bisou’s leash?

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