Blade-wielding gang members attack man

78th Precinct

Park Slope

Bad blade

A thug sliced a man on 14th Street on Feb. 11.

The victim told cops he was walking to his cousin’s apartment near Prospect Park West at 11:55 pm, when three gangsters wearing black and yellow approached.

“You down with the Kings?” one of them asked.

The poor guy said he wasn’t — but that he wasn’t really against them, either. One of the bullies then pointed to the victim’s yellow and black shoes and asked, “Why you rockin’ those colors then?”

The thugs then started to punch him — and one slashed him with a razor blade before running away.

Bike bandit

A quick-moving thief swiped a sweet bicycle from a shop on Fifth Avenue on Feb. 8.

A manager at R & A Cycles told cops that someone snatched a light-weight Pinarello road bike — made of carbon fiber — from the rear of the shop near Park Place between 4 and 6 pm. The crook likely entered through the back door and used a rope to hoist the bike onto the roof, he said.

Store rat

A rascal stole a wallet from a shopper on Fifth Avenue on Feb. 11.

The victim told cops that she was at D II, a department store near Seventh Avenue, at 4:15 pm when set her pocketbook down in her shopping cart. She looked away for half an hour, then discovered it was gone — along with the $63 inside.

Shady, shades

A crook swiped some eyeglasses from a bar-goer on Fifth Avenue on Feb. 5.

The victim told cops that a woman walked into Ginger’s Pub, a gay bar near Fifth Street, at 1:45 am and asked the bar-goer for a dollar. The lady turned her down — so the crook snatched her brown glasses and ran away.

Bad car-ma

A thief stole two vans parked on Ninth Street on Feb. 7.

A worker from Good Shepherd Services — a social service agency that helps youth — told cops that he parked two silver-colored Ford vans near Fourth Avenue at 8 pm. He came back at 8:30 am the next day and discovered they were gone — with no sign of broken glass.

Wheely sneaky

A cold-hearted creep stole a bike on Third Street on Feb. 5.

The victim told cops he chained up his sturdy blue Yuba Mundo near Fifth Avenue at 8 am, then came back around 3 pm. That was enough time for the jerk to snip the lock — and make off with the $1,400 ride.

Jersey getaway

A perp swiped a cellphone from a woman on Fourth Avenue on Feb. 7.

The victim told cops she was near Sixth Street at 1:10 pm when a man grabbed a black iPhone from her hand. He then jumped into a green car with New Jersey plates and sped away.

— Natalie O’Neill

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