Blades and bad attitudes

Slashed on E. 19th

A 28-year-old was arrested on E. 19th Street after he slashed a man in the face during a Sept. 11 spat.

The two were arguing inside an apartment, which is between Albemarle and Beverly roads, at 11 pm when the suspect brought an end to the tiff by swinging a long, sharp object at his victim, cops were told.

Investigators apprehended the 28-year-old a short time later, charging him with assault in the third degree.

Nicked by knife

A knife-wielding 56-year-old lunged at another man on Sept. 13 during a heated disagreement on Coney Island Avenue.

The victim said he was arguing with the suspect between Glenwood Road and Avenue H at 3 pm when his opponent lashed out with the blade and cut his arm.

Ladder loon

A far from inconspicuous thief was arrested on Sept. 12 after he was caught using a ladder to break into an E. 43rd Street home.

The 27-year-old had rested the ladder against the house, which is between Lenox Road and Linden Boulevard, at 2:23 am and had just finished scaling it before cops were called.

When police arrived, the thief was found cowering inside a basement closet with the victim’s jewelry.

Cab crooks

A crew of thieves held up a cabbie on Sept. 11 after flagging down a ride on Snyder Avenue.

The crooks jumped in to the rear of the cab at 5:15 am near Nostrand Avenue and threatened to beat the driver if he didn’t take them somewhere.

During this trip to noplace, the thieves robbed the cabbie of $140, cops were told. Police arrested two of the thieves.

9-11 shooting

A gunman shot a 25-year-old in the abdomen in Flatlands on Sept. 11.

The victim told police that he was nearing the corner of Avenue H and E. 54th Street at 3 pm when he began arguing with the stranger, who decided to end the spat with a bullet.

The victim was listed in stable condition following treatment at a local hospital.

Linden Ave. killing

A teen was shot in the head on Sept. 6 in an alleged gang-related shooting on Linden Boulevard.

Police were told that the victim and a group of other males were walking between Schnectady Avenue and E. 46th Street at 4 am when another group of males started shouting “Bloods, Bloods, Bloods.”

That’s when someone pulled a gun and opened fire, striking the victim, who died the next day at the hospital.

Wipe out graffiti

As the ongoing war against graffiti continues, cops are now offering a $500 reward to anyone with information that can lead them to the vandals that mark up the community.

The hefty reward is part of the city’s new push to rid New York of graffiti, one of the leading quality of life complaints brought to police.

Anyone with information about graffiti vandalism in their neighborhood is urged to contact either 311 or 911.