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Blood in the streets!

68th Precinct

Bay Ridge-Dyker Heights

Slashed in face

An argument on 14th Avenue ended in a bloody brawl on June 20 when one man attacked the other with a broken bottle.

Police said the two were fighting between 67th Street and Ovington Avenue at 12:15 am when one of them smashed a bottle and lunged, catching his opponent in the face.

The victim was left with a deep gash that needed up to 10 stitches to close at Lutheran Medical Center, officials said.

Pint-sized pinch

Three tween girls ganged up and robbed a 12-year-old of her iPod on June 14 in a near sequel to a crime from last week’s blotter.

The victim said she was near the corner of 12th Avenue and 84th Street at 2:35 pm when the pretty little thieves approached, asking her for the time.

Before she could respond, the thieves snatched the music player from her hand and ran off, police said.

Snapshot theft

A menacing motorist ripped a cellphone out of a 25-year-old man’s hand on June 13 as he used it to try to take pictures of a car accident.

The victim told police he was nearing the corner of Seventh Avenue and 65th Street at 9 pm when a red Chevy Blazer struck his 2008 Honda.

When the victim pulled out his phone to record the damage, the other driver grabbed it, raced back to his vehicle and drove off.

Hole hooligan

A thief swiped thousands of dollars in cash and electronics from a 67th Street home on June 15, but not before gluing the keyhole — forcing his victim to hire a locksmith before learning he was burglarized.

Police said the thief forced his way into the home between 13th and 14th avenues sometime after 7:15 am and took $8,000, a laptop computer and a passport.

Deadbolt devil

This is a clear cut case of working your way around a problem: A thief circumvented a deadbolted door to a Fort Hamilton Parkway home on June 16 by finding an easier way to get inside — an open window.

The 47-year-old tenant told police that she returned to her apartment between 67th and 68th streets at 5:30 pm and noticed her door was unlocked.

She soon learned that a thief had crept through the living room window and left through the front door with her 37-inch flat-screen television, a navigation device and a pair of white Nike sneakers.

Water woes

A thief looking for scrap metal broke into a Fifth Avenue business overnight on June 16, swiping a water meter from the basement of Ideal Kitchen Supplies.

Workers at the hardware store between 67th and Senator streets told police that when they showed at 6:45 am, they discovered that someone had broken into the basement.

The only thing taken was the water meter, which has a $20 resale value but costs the victim more than $1,000 to replace, officials said.

Fleet foot

A fast-moving thief snatched a wallet out of a 17-year-old’s hand on June 18.

The teen told police that he was waiting for a car service pick up on Bay Ridge and 11th avenues at 11:10 pm when the thief zipped by him.

— Thomas Tracy

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