Bloody Christmas break-in

84th Precinct

Brooklyn Heights–DUMBO–Boerum Hill–Downtown

Bloody break-in

A thief broke into a Washington Street home on Christmas Day — and left a mysterious trail of blood behind.

The building’s superintendent said that he left the apartment complex, between York and Front streets, at 8 am. When he returned at 9 the next morning, the window of a first-floor apartment was broken, and covered in tiny blood spots. He said the apartment’s occupant was on vacation at the time.

Rug rat

A crook stole a rug from a Willoughby Street storage room on Dec. 26.

The facility’s owner said that the thief broke into the locked room at the building near Lawrence Street at 12:20 pm in order to lift the rug.

Coffee break

A thief stole $300 from an Atlantic Avenue café sometime over the Christmas holiday.

The coffee shop’s owner said she left the store, between Third and Fourth avenues, at 10 am on Dec. 24. When she returned on Dec. 27 at 10:40 am, a front window was pushed in and the money was missing from her cash register.

iPhone stolen

A thief stole a man’s iPhone on Hicks Street on Dec. 30.

The victim told cops that he was near Joralemon Street at 5:10 pm when the crook snatched his device and ran off.

Hopping mad

A crook swiped a woman’s purse at the Livingston Street IHOP on Dec. 28.

The victim said that she left the purse on a chair inside the pancake eatery at Bond Street at 11 am. When she returned for it three hours later, the bag was missing.

Pocketbook swiped

A thief stole a woman’s pocketbook in a Fulton Street store on Dec. 31.

The victim said she was shopping at the store between Pearl and Jay streets at 5 pm when the crook snatched the purse and fled. The bag contained a digital camera and $30-worth of diapers.

Laptop larceny

A crook stole a computer from an apartment on Cadman Plaza West on Dec. 19.

The victim told police that he left the house between Elizabeth Place and Front Street at 9 am. When he returned at 7 pm, the laptop was missing.

Computer sting

A thief stole a laptop from a car parked on Hanover Place on Dec. 30.

The car’s owner said he parked the vehicle between Livingston Street and Grover Place at 6:30 am. When he returned at 4:15 pm, the laptop was gone.

Parking problem

A crook broke into a car parked on Hanover Place on Dec. 23 and stole a laptop and cellphone.

The victim said he left the car between Grove Place and the Fulton Mall at 7:40 pm. When he returned at 10 pm, the car’s back window was broken and the items were gone.

Credit denied

A thief stole three credit cards from a car parked on Atlantic Avenue on Dec. 29.

The car’s owner said he parked between Bond and Nevins streets at 4:30 pm. When he returned 30 minutes later, the cards were missing.

Cell snatch

A thief stole a woman’s cellphone on Court Street on July 28 – but the victim didn’t report the crime until Dec. 30.

She told police that she was near Dean Street at 3:15 pm when the crook snatched her cell and ran off.

Pickpocket busted

A thug was arrested for allegedly robbing a man on Montague Street on Jan. 1.

The victim said he was near Court Street at 3 am when the man stuck a hard object in his back and said, “Give me your wallet.”

The man complied, and the robber fled. Later that day police said they arrested their man.

Car stolen

A thief stole a car from Fourth Avenue on Dec. 28.

The car’s owner said he parked the vehicle near Bergen Street at 1:20 am. When he returned at noon, the car was no longer there.


A man was arrested for allegedly stealing a cellphone at the High Street subway station on Dec. 26.

The victim told cops that he was on a Queens-bound C train at 3:30 pm when the man grabbed his phone and fled onto a platform at the station. Police there quickly arrested a man who they said had the phone.

— Daniel Bush